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mat time

Posted in yoga with tags on February 23, 2008 by erin

words from a wise yoga instructor:
“we choose what we bring to the mat
and we choose what we leave behind”


Yoga and Tokyo Joes

Posted in food, yoga with tags , on January 14, 2008 by erin

I have found my Sunday night ritual.
Yoga then take out from Tokyo Joes.
If you have never eaten there I HIGHLY suggest it.
Healthy, Fast and YUM! I think they are only in CO though.
So when you visit, eat here.

In a completely seperate thought: While in yoga class last night, after doing bridge pose 4X, our instructor asked us if our hearts were more open. I took this to mean more than just physically. Metaphorically, was my heart more open? Interesting thought. Something I need to work on each day. My heart, is it more open?

Yoga Retreat

Posted in yoga with tags on January 10, 2008 by erin

Wanna go here? I do. I registered to win a week at this place doing yoga and relaxing and getting $750 to spend on a yoga wordrobe. It sounds perfect. Think my hubby could be a “mom” and dad for a week? I think he would manage, eventually. I hope I win!