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Winter blahs

Posted in down in the dumps, modo, spring, winter with tags , , on March 6, 2008 by erin

I have the blahs, that’s the only way I can think to classify how I am feeling this week. Blah.

The weather is blah, we’ve been cooped up all week, the economy is blah and therefore our business is blah and my husband comes home from work each day telling me how the company can’t pay its bills. Sigh. I know this too shall pass. The economy will improve and condo sales will once again be prosperous it’s just today, this week, I’m down in the dumps.

I get like this once a year. When I ache for better weather but it is slow to come. When all I want to do is be outside walking around the hood or jogging. Then I think maybe adding excitement to my life is what I need. What could I add that would be exciting and fun and get me out of the dumps? Possibly a move that would be exciting but only temporary; I would just feel like this next year in my new location. Maybe another baby, no not ready for that yet. I could get a new career or possibly going back to school. Sometimes I shop, which is like putting a band aid on my aching soul. Believe me when I say it’s nothing serious, just a bad week. I will get my act together and love my life like I usually do.

I hope next week brings a better attitude and maybe some more sun. That would be helpful.