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Man vs. Wild

Posted in Bear Grylls, my crush, tv shows with tags , on May 3, 2008 by erin

The wait is finally over! That hunky man of survival is back. Yes, I’m talking about my crush, Bear Grylls. I don’t have a celebrity crush but this man, he does it for me. Hot and hunky, tough and courageous. He makes eating bugs look good (I mean come on, just look at his photo, doesn’t this just say HOTTIE!) plus that British accent is to die for. Let’s just say I’m pumped to see his pretty face on TV again. And bonus my husband likes the show too (although not for the same reason).


Posted in tv shows with tags on February 26, 2008 by erin

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a visit from some of my friends. Probably since Petunia was born. I miss them dearly but I made a commitment to really focus on my kid so the friends, they had to be put aside for now. I miss their antics and the fact that when I’m with them my problems seem much less, they simply float away while I focus for 23 minutes on the problems of my friends. Problems like: Do I date my best friend, do I move to London and leave my true love behind in NYC, I can’t get pregnant, should I be a surrogate for my brother, I was proposed to by a friend should I marry him even though I’m pretty sure I don’t love him but I just had a baby, should we adopt and last but never least we found the perfect house out in the burbs. but how can I not live next door to my pals anymore? These problems have seen my friends and I through some tough but ultimately great years, 10 to be exact.

By now you have probably figured out I am talking about my Friends, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Ross. How do people spend their Thursday nights without this show anymore? Back when you had to watch the show when it was actually on and I cleared my schedule on Thursday nights believe me, these nights were wide open from 6:50-10-couldn’t be late-no rewinding live TV existed in those days. Nothing was going to keep me away from my Friends.

With the installment of our TIVO this fall and the writers’ strike I have re-connected with my Friends and it’s oh, so sweet. They make me laugh and cry but mostly laugh. I’m totally like Monica (well maybe not quite as anal) but I love when she says, as she points to her dust buster that she just used to clean her regular vacuum: “Now I need a tiny vacuum to clean this vacuum.” A woman after my own heart, it’s just that these days my house is not close to as clean as Monica’s. And Joey’s “How you doin’?” and Chandler’s “ahem-you know” to a shark show or so Monica thinks. I really could go on forever.

Love this show and Friends, you are welcome in my house anytime.