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White then Red

Posted in spring, sunburn with tags on April 17, 2008 by erin

The Details:

I have lived in CO most of my life.

CO gets something like 360 days of sun a year.

When I didn’t live in CO I resided in WY (with the exception of some time in ID).

WY also gets tons of sun a year (ID not so much).

I am of Swedish, German and Scottish decent.

My skin is white!

It was the first warm day of spring.

In fact it was downright HOT!

I am an adult with a functioning brain.

I stayed out too long WITHOUT sunscreen.

My once white skin is now VERY VERY RED (even my knee caps were burned)!

Three days later my sunburn still hurts.

Maybe my brain is not functioning as it should.

I have invested in large quantities of sun block.