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Winter blahs

Posted in down in the dumps, modo, spring, winter with tags , , on March 6, 2008 by erin

I have the blahs, that’s the only way I can think to classify how I am feeling this week. Blah.

The weather is blah, we’ve been cooped up all week, the economy is blah and therefore our business is blah and my husband comes home from work each day telling me how the company can’t pay its bills. Sigh. I know this too shall pass. The economy will improve and condo sales will once again be prosperous it’s just today, this week, I’m down in the dumps.

I get like this once a year. When I ache for better weather but it is slow to come. When all I want to do is be outside walking around the hood or jogging. Then I think maybe adding excitement to my life is what I need. What could I add that would be exciting and fun and get me out of the dumps? Possibly a move that would be exciting but only temporary; I would just feel like this next year in my new location. Maybe another baby, no not ready for that yet. I could get a new career or possibly going back to school. Sometimes I shop, which is like putting a band aid on my aching soul. Believe me when I say it’s nothing serious, just a bad week. I will get my act together and love my life like I usually do.

I hope next week brings a better attitude and maybe some more sun. That would be helpful.


Spring Fever

Posted in chocolate, food, hair, spring, starbucks with tags , on March 5, 2008 by erin

I have many things floating around in my brain so I’m just writing them all down.

  • How many times can I post about spring’s arrival? It seems A LOT! And I’ll keep posting about it even when it’s here, I heart spring.
  • Have you tried the honey latte at Starbucks? Pretty dang good. I tried it first with soy but it was a tad sweet so the next time I went with skim milk. I don’t like my coffee too sweet or sugary but I think the honey latte has a good mixture.
  • I cut my own bangs. I haven’t done that since 3rd grade when my friend Kristy chopped off one pony tail and my bangs. Why did we both get in trouble? She’s the one who did the cutting. If you are one to trim your own hair try to prevent the teeny tiny hairs from going down your shirt. In my case these hairs have now made into my underpants and bra so I feel as though I have ants in my pants (and bra)!
  • I made up a song today, it goes a little something like this (to the tune of rain rain go away)
    Snow snow go away

    Little Petunia wants to go outside and play

    (and so does her mommy)

    Maybe not original but fun to sing none the less. You probably get that it snowed yet again. I shouldn’t be surprised, we do live in Colorado and March is the snowiest month. I have cabin fever BIG time! I’m aching for spring and spring is toying with my emotions-last weekend the temp was SEVENTY-FOUR. Why are you so mean spring?

  • I put a Feedjit on my blog cuz its fun to see where the readers come from (most of the traffic is myself, it seems I stalk myself). I’ve noticed it on other people’s blogs and thought that’s neat and now these people know I am stalking them. Can’t help it, I am addicted to blogging.
  • Cadbury mini eggs are going straight to my hips but I can’t stop eating them. URG. Note to self: Stop purchasing Cadbury mini eggs!

That’s all the mush my brain can muster today.


What the February?

Posted in achilles, petunia, spring with tags , , on February 13, 2008 by erin

Today it’s so beautiful outside (almost 60 degrees), I can’t not be outside. I went to my Hot Mamas exercise class (no joke, that’s what it’s called-oh and don’t type wwwdothotmamasdotcom cuz that’s a porn site-I know from experience and NOT because I was looking at porn-minds out of the gutter!) but I must have been the only one who didn’t get the memo because not another soul was there. I don’t get it, it was 50 degrees out, where was everybody? Since I made the effort to gather all my exercise paraphernalia and Petunia and her must haves to go to this class I didn’t want to just turn around and go home so Petunia and I went for a run around the park. I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity of the warm weather and sunshine, we won’t be seeing those for a while. Tomorrow we are to get 4-8 inches of the white stuff. UGGGG.
Sick. of. Snow.

My day’s are numbered. In fact I probably only have one or two left. Petunia is so so close to crawling. She gets up on her hands and knees and can stay there for 5-10 seconds before she tires and is back on her tummy. She just mastered the rolling over, she had back to front down at 4 or 5 months but didn’t get front to back until last week and that has opened a whole new world for her and me too. I don’t have to “rescue” her from laying on her tummy any more. She can already scoot around and of course gets into all sorts of stuff, like the stereo and remotes. I think it’s time for the baby gates…….

I have a problem. My dog growls at my baby. We are a concerned about this and of course watch them closely when they are in the same room together. Usually, I am right down on the floor next to them to intervene if need be. Most of the time he doesn’t seem bothered by her. He will come up to her and lick her face or her hands but if she enters his space or touches him he is all out growling just shy of showing his teeth. I think he is jealous of her. I make sure to give him plenty of attention and pets especially, while we are all on the floor together. I don’t want to punish him for growling because that’s his warning system. The funny thing is he LOVES other peoples kids, loves them! So I think it’s a territorial thing and I understand, I mean he was our baby and now not so much. I hope he gets over it soon. Giving him away is a last resort and I don’t want it to come down to that. Do any of you have tips? or suggestions?

Oprah Here I Come!

Posted in goals, Oprah, spring with tags , , on February 6, 2008 by erin

I am in the process of backing up my computer. What I really care about are the photos and music, I do have a small business so that stuff would be a bummer to lose but those photos can never be replaced. The good and bad with digital cameras. It’s going to take an hour and a half to backup all my photos and two for the music! So in the mean time I thought I would keep myself entertained…….

Have you ever looked at the Title 9 catalog? Title 9 has cute sporty clothes, shoes, bags etc. for the active but still very stylish woman. I personally love looking at their selection, but the one thing that catches my eye in every issue is the description of women in their photos. First of all where do they find these women? Do they have a casting and the requirements are: must have a really unusual name (or we can make one up for you), must have a PhD in something, must do at least 12 sports, and must have really weird likes/dislikes or sleep in your VW van and eat only grass.

The woman on the very first page is a perfect example:

Name: Kuan
Current Book: El Mago de Oz (that’s the Wizard of Oz to you and me)
Favorite Athlete: Secretariat-the greatest race horse of all time
Hidden Talent: Walking around in Bridge Pose

-See what I mean-
Here’s another:
Name: Kathe
Photographer by trade, sculptor, ceramicist, knitter and baker too.
She can also be found restoring vintage VW’s.
Sport of choice: Surfing, although she admits that she’s secretly always wanted to learn to break dance.

I am always inspired by reading these little bio’s. Usually I feel like I need to get out and surf (a little hard to do in my land locked state) or maybe head out for a run, or a bike ride, or better yet commute everywhere by bike or restore a vinatge car. It also makes me long for Spring and Summer when I can do all of the above. I get so antsy during the winter….need to go out and play!

Other times I feel so inadequate when I read this catalog. I mean look at what these women have accomplished! Sometimes I wonder what the heck I do all day and why am I not working on my PhD. And as the days turn into weeks I have yet to learn Spanish, take up knitting, open my own store selling something, invent a gadget every mom can’t live without and appear on Oprah (like the lady who invented the jibbitz for crocs) and make millions or even thousands.

I think I need some goals something to work on and achieve. I do have long term goals but really can’t do much with them until P is in school. So I need something I can do now. Maybe it will be to learn Spanish or knit or become the next best thing to Wally’s Biscotti. Don’t get me wrong, I do know I have the best gig there is right now. That gig is being a mommy. I would not change that for the world. I just want to be a really good mommy and a biscotti baker. Maybe I can’t have the best of both worlds. But maybe I can better myself in some small way. What I really want to do is have my own business without all the hard work, think it can be done? Here’s to finding my goal……and maybe being on Oprah one day.

Spring is that you?

Posted in Running, winter with tags , on January 29, 2008 by erin

Yesterday, I was finally able to get out on a run (jog). It was 50 degrees. Didn’t need the ever present hat-mittens-three-wind-proof-layers-scarf-boot-warmers, ect. So nice so warm. In fact Sunday the temp was 64 degrees! I smell spring in the air. And yet today, it’s freezing my tootsies off outside with the added bonus of bone-chillin’ winds. Oh, Spring when will you come?