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Blowing Off Steam

Posted in petunia with tags , on June 14, 2008 by erin

Nothing like one year olds letting loose after a long week of music class, swim lessons, stroller rides and naps.  That’s enough wear anyone out! Petunia and her pals G1 and G2 having a good ole’ time relaxing in the beautiful back yard oasis. 






First Birthday

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What a weekend.  Petunia had three days of birthday.  Friday, on her actual birthday she had a birthday pancake complete with a candle and opened a few gifts.  Then mom and dad went out to breakfast at this super cool spot called Snooze and Petunia stayed home with gma and gpa.  Mom got a gift too, this amazing camera fron Nikon.  I LOVE IT!  I so need to take advantage of the free photography classes and learn all about the camera and photo taking in general.  It was so nice to use for the big day-amazing photos! 

We spent the rest of the day Friday preparing for the big Saturday BBQ, thank goodness for my parents always willing to pitch in and help out with anything

Saturday dawned a beautiful day.  We had tons of friends and family for the BBQ including two sets of grandparents, one set of great-grandparents, aunts and uncles, a hand full of mommy and daddy’s friends and a smattering of kids.  It was a perfect day and Petunia enjoyed her birthday cupcake-mostly the frosting.

Sunday we had a small brunch with family and opened gifts,  she really made out pretty well.  Of course I am partial to the gifts we gave her and am pleased to see she loves them.  We bought her this from Radio Flyer, thinking it might help her walk and sure enough she caught right on and away she went.  Then I fell in love with this little lady bug and couldn’t resist adding it to her growing pile of presents.  Not sure she is quite ready for it yet, but she’ll get there.  She loved the antennas right away.

I’m thankful so many made the trip here to celebrate with us especially with gas prices these days.

Today, Petunia had her 12 month check up and the Dr. said she looked excellent.  Nothing better than hearing that.  She weighed in at 21 pounds and 31 inches tall. She got 4 shots but took them like a champ, oh, there were tears, but she got over them quickly and was soon ready play.

After the Dr. check up we checked out a condo at one of Matt’s projects. 

I think we will be moving…

Petunia Arrives

Posted in petunia with tags , , on June 6, 2008 by erin

Today is Petunia first birthday! So in honor of her I thought I would share the story of how she came into this world.

My due date was June 6th. I had my weekly Dr. check up on June 5th and things weren’t looking promising. Nothing was wrong it just seemed labor was not imminent. The Dr. decided to schedule me for an induction in a week, which totally freaked me out. I really wanted this kid to come on her own time not the Dr.’s. But I hesitantly agreed to the induction.

That afternoon I ran a few errands preparing for dinner guests. I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a month or more, you know the ones that prepare you for the real deal and today wasn’t any different.  Except this afternoon I noticed they were getting a little stronger and more frequent. They didn’t stop me from preparing dinner and entertaining friends that evening. In fact, I basically forgot about them (my contractions, not the guests). Our guests left around 9 and Matt and I dug into the pile of dishes we created and then set off to bed.

I woke around midnight with much more painful contractions. I decided at that time I should maybe start timing these things since they seemed a lot more frequent. They started at around 10 minutes apart and by morning were 5 or so minutes apart. I decided I would get as much sleep as possible because if this were really the start of labor I knew I needed rest. Thank goodness I didn’t disturb Matt so he got a great night sleep. I needed him refreshed and ready to help me out.

By 6 am I was downstairs on my hands and knees every time a contraction came and by 7 Matt was helping me time them. We called the Dr. around 7:30. Of course my Dr. was not working that day so I chatted with some other chick (who was breathing very heavy, I really hope she was exercising and not having sex). I told her all my stats and she said I could head to the hospital. I decided to take a quick shower because who knows the next time I would be able to, but showering while in labor, not easy.

We headed to the hospital but sitting in the car seat with a seat belt on is not a way to labor. So painful and of course it seemed forever until we reached our destination. We parked and headed in, I remember talking to someone at the front desk and having several contractions while he looked up our info and thinking, “What the hell, dude, I’m in labor! Get me a room, pronto!” We then followed a volunteer who was 90 through the hospital to the maternity wing. 9 months pregnant and in labor I could have walked laps around this woman. E.T.E.R.N.I.T.Y. That’s how long it took to get to our room.

We finally settled into our room around 9 am and I was checked to see how many centimeters I was dilated. 4 was the magic number at that time so yea, I could stay! The nurse gave me one of those fancy gowns to change into and hooked me up to machines to make sure everything was going smoothly.

I had a birth plan and a request for a doula. The doula was called and on her way and the nurse let me off the machines so I could walk around. I remember using a labor ball and lots of back rubbing from Matt until the doula came and turned our room into a sanctuary. She put lavender oil on my pillows and turned down the lights and told me how things were going basically interpreting everything the nurse told me. We walked the halls and spent time in the bath and several hours later I was wearing out. I wanted the epidural but at the same time knew I could keep going.

At one pm, the doula suggested I ask the nurse to check and see how far I was dilated, so she did and I was only at 6. Ugg, after 4 hours I really had hoped for more! As the nurse was checking me my bag of waters broke and it was a disgusting greenish color. Now they were fearful for Petunia’s health. After that things happened at a rapid pace. My contracts were killing me and I was demanding the epidural. When that was finally in, they also inserted a tube up me to flush out the contaminated water and give P fresh water. Then my labor slowed to they hooked me to Patocin. Then I threw up, got major chills and could not stop shaking. One nurses said if a woman in labor throws up, they know a baby will be born. And all I could think was, “Well good, I wasn’t going through this for fun you know, I’m hoping to get a kid out of all this.”

The next several hours were pretty uneventful. I was SLOWLY dilating. SLOWLY. The good thing was I could get a little rest. It wasn’t until 10pm that I finally got to push. I was so pumped to be almost done! Then the nurse said I probably had an hour of pushing. The thought of pushing for an hour exhausted me but unfortunately I couldn’t just stop. And she was right; I pushed for about 50 minutes and threw up twice.

Finally, Petunia emerged at 11:10 PM! On her due date (barely)! What a good kid. I didn’t get to hold her right away. She had to be checked out first since her water was contaminated but she was perfect, just perfect all 6 pounds 14 ounces and 21 1/2 inches of her and soon she was in my arms.  What a perfect day.

Busy Bee

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Whew, this week is going to be a good one.  I love having plans and preparing for them and making lists and trips to stores.  This week my little baby turns one.  One year since I have set foot in my office, one year since Petunia made a grand entrance into this world and I added another title, mom.  The year has flown and now my little girl looks and acts exactly like that, a little girl, the baby-ness is slowly drifting away.  I see tiny newborn clothes in the store and my heart aches as I remember when she was tiny and sometimes I wish she could stay that small.  But alas, that’s not how the world works.  We grow older and so does my little girl.

I’m trying to keep a positive spin on everything these days since in reality everthing thing is going down the toilet.  Today, I signed a deed of trust to allow the bank to take my house if they so choose.  I don’t wish this on anyone.  But I sit here so thankful that today we still have our home, today I can wash my windows and prepare for the party, stock the pantry with food for our many guests and just simply enjoy my home.  Nothing like the thought of losing something to make one appreciate it, the good with the bad.

Today, I have my home but always, I will have my family.

raked over the coals

Posted in petunia with tags , on May 28, 2008 by erin

We made a trip to the dentist to get P’s “extra tooth” checked out.  Turns out it is just some super strong tissue in between her front teeth that might need to get clipped when she is older but nothing to concern ourselves with now.  Whew!  That’s good news.  No x-rays and no surgery.  I feel better. 

On our way out the door we stopped to pay and the dude says “It will be $70 for today.”  What? Did you just say SEVENTY DOLLARS?  For two whole minutes with the dentist?  Did she use her disposable golden gloves to inspect my kid’s teeth?  Or was is that Petunia pulled her hair?   I totally get that it’s a new practice but seriously if they want to keep us good customers (with no dental insurance so we pay at each visit, meaning no insurance companies to deal with) I would suggest giving us a break.  I’m totally willing to pay for your time and to make sure my kiddo is healthy but billing $35/minute seems a little extreme.

I’m a little miffed but starting to gain perspective as I’m driving home and I think of a couple of my favorite blogs because they are uplifting and I admire that.  I’m so thankful to have found bloggers like Everyday Yogini and Hugging The Midline.  These two women are an inspiration to me. They keep a positive outlook no matter the circumstances.  So here’s my gratitude practice for today:  Looking on the bright side of things.  We know Petunia is healthy and won’t have to go in for dental work at age one.  I guess I could say I am paying for peace of mind of which there is no monetary value.  So $70, not a big deal in the whole scheme of things.  Thanks ladies.

Belly Dancers and Beer

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We did it! We survived the famous Bolder Boulder, a scenic 10K through the streets of Boulder! Totally last minute we discovered no strollers were allowed in the race so we grabbed the back pack and headed out. It was a cool rainy day but really not too bad. 

Petunia did great considering the last time she was in the pack she screamed her head off for 30 minutes. The gentle rocking put her to sleep for about the first two miles, although she didn’t look too comfy.








We got lots of comments about packing her 6.2 miles, most folks were impressed and Matt was even called out as “Super Dad”, I think carrying her that far he deserved the recognition.  









This is what Petunia thought of the Bolder Boulder.




And what would the Bolder Boulder be without  belly dancers for entertainment?



Along with water and Gatorade there were plenty of stops for alcohol, you could pretty much take your pick.  Beer, beer and more beer or mimosas anyone? Folks were offering bloody Marys and even vodka shots.  We stopped at all of the above (just kidding).



An extra tooth?

Posted in petunia with tags , on May 23, 2008 by erin

The last couple of days Petunia has been a little grumpy which is not normal for her but I suspected teething. No problem. I’m getting the signs for teething down and pretty much know how to handle it. She has her two bottom front teeth and two top front teeth. Yesterday, I tried to peek inside her mouth to see evidence of a tooth appearing. What was that? It looks like a tooth might be coming in right behind her right front tooth. Oh, this can’t be good. I call our pediatrician who suggested calling my dentist. I call the dentist and she informs me it is common for kids to have “extra teeth” which is what she thinks might be happening with Petunia. She suggested coming in for x-rays and then if it appears the tooth needs to be removed she will refer me to a pediatric dentist. Of course I went straight to the internet to see what I could find and stumbled across a dentist’s blog. These extra teeth can come in upside down, at 45 degree angles and normally but usually cause problems. I know it can be worse than an extra tooth but I’m still a little anxious about the whole thing. We won’t get x-rays done until next Wednesday so until then, we wait.

Names, Naming, importance of:

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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” from Romeo and Juliet.

I find people, mostly women fall into certain categories while on the perfect name hunt for their child. I know people who will not tell you the name until it is revealed at the birth. Others will tell you up front. And others have not a clue until weeks and weeks after the birth. I fell into category two. As soon as I knew the name I told EVERYBODY. Mostly because I had a lot of friends who were pregnant the same time and there was no way they were going to steal my name.

My search for the perfect name began before I was even pregnant. I kept lists of boy and girls names. Every time I heard a unique (but not too unique) name I added it to the list. I was a name collector. I was certain I would have a boy so that side of the list was much longer than the girl side. Oh, I had the perfect boy name chosen, one that would honor my grandfather who passed away when I was young. But wouldn’t you know, the ultrasound tech. said “it’s a girl.” We were exuberant about our little girl but that put us back on the name search.

I wanted the perfect name, one that exemplified classy, whip smart, thoughtful, funny, athletic, full of potential…..all those and more. A name that was a perfect fit for my little girl. My first choice was Madeleine as in Madeleine Albright; AS IN THE FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE (who btw went to a high school in this town!). Thinking that if I gave my girl this name she would come out brilliant and ready to take on the world. My husband thought it sounded old fashioned and wouldn’t go for it. No Madeleine. BUMMER. My second choice was Katherine, as in Katherine Hepburn; AN ICONIC AMERICAN ACTRESS. She was a very classy lady. If my kid bore this name she would also be classy and sophisticated. Katherine is pretty formal so she could use Kate or Katie when she younger and if she became a Dr. or lawyer or humanitarian or school teacher or entrepreneur like her daddy she might choose to use formal Katherine. Again, shot down by the husband. No Katherine. This man was a pain in my ass. Two perfect girl names shot down.

It took great searching and a lot of thought but we finally found it; the perfect name to fit our little girl; something strong and beautiful oh, and the nick name, simply perfect.


Dear Petunia, Month Eight

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My intention for this blog was to keep family and friends updated on P’s progress. That quickly changed when I realized I wanted a canvas to speak my mind and don’t want my parents or in-laws reading about it. And though I have a different set of readers it’s still my intention to document Petunia’s life. What better way than in a letter that summarizes a month or two or many in hopes that someday she will read what I have written.

Dear Petunia,

Your eighth month here on earth was filled with great accomplishments. Your eating improved vastly and you are happy to eat what I make instead of eating only food from a jar. This makes your mama happy as it is more cost effective to make your food. You are now eating only three bottles a day and three meals and you love to snack on Gerber “puffs”. You stuff a whole bunch in your mouth at once! You can drink from a sippy cup but you still want me to hold it for you.

You sleep very well now, after working on your naps for many weeks you finally will sleep an hour or two! At night you go to sleep easily after a bath, bottle and story and almost always sleep until 6:30 or 7!

You got your first fever but thankfully it didn’t last long and a week later your first cold. You were a champ through it all. We missed going to Nana and Papa’s house because you were sick. They were bummed but understood. We will visit them soon. They came up to see you since you couldn’t make it to their house and they watched you one night so mommy and daddy could go out together. I think you had a pretty good time and even giggled for them! You haven’t even done that for your parents yet so I was pretty jealous.

You hair is still light brown or dirty blonde and it’s getting some curls, which I think is cute but you may not when you are older. So far your eyes are staying blue. You do a lot of babbling mostly mama (of courseJ) and dada too. Sometimes you even throw in a gaga or just a whole heap of mumbo jumbo. You sometimes get frustrated quickly and grunt to show us you are not happy in your current situation.

You love to roll around on the floor and have mastered the art of rolling. That is how you get around currently although I think crawling is right around the corner. You can stay on your hands and knees for quite some time and even in the last few days have begun moving forward just centimeters but crawling will come quickly, I ‘m sure, and then what do I do? When left alone you will find a way to get to the stereo and speakers or space heater but your favorite is the pile of magazines and you usually choose to chew on People. Ah, you do take after your mama.

You are in a music class and love it. You clap your hands and dance and smile. We sing silly songs to you and the other kids. You play with lots of instruments. We even have the CD at home and when I sing the songs to you, you just light up. We are in class with your two friends, G&G. Sometimes you like to play with them instead of listen to the music but I think that’s quite alright. Now when we go to church and sing songs you instantly start to kick your legs and boogie! Speaking of church, each week we put you in the crawler class but you don’t last very long. It might be separation anxiety but you would much rather be with mom and dad. One day you will be very excited for children’s church.

We took our first long drive without daddy to see some friends just an hour north of our town. You did so great. We sang your songs from music class and you played with your car seat strap and even though this was the worst day of your cold you had a pretty good time. Your friend, S, liked you right away and wanted to share your bottle and snacks.

You had your 9 month check up and the dr. said you looked great. You are healthy and still a big kid, you weighed in at 19.1 lbs. and 28 ¾ inches long 75% for weight and 95% for height. You do have a bit of a rash and the Dr. said it was probably eczema. It doesn’t seem to bother you so that’s good. We got hydrocortisone cream and Lubriderm lotion to make it better. Doc. isn’t sure if its food related so we have to watch and see if eating something makes it worse. I hope it goes away soon.

Petunia, I think that is most of what has happened in the last month. I hope I didn’t leave too much out and I hope to continue this tradition until you’re on your way to college.

I love you with all my heart.



name change

Posted in petunia with tags , on February 26, 2008 by erin

We’ve decided to change our baby’s name. Luckily for us it’s only her nick name so no formal papers need to be processed-whew-filing papers in some downtown government office, yeah, that would take me at least 6 months before I managed to get it done. This nick name is what we call her 99% of the time, in fact, I seriously doubt she will use her full name much unless she is running for president or is the Secretary of state or a judge. 🙂

Another bonus in this name change game, we are only changing the spelling, not the actual name, the new spelling is closer to her actual name and just seems to make more sense. See it’s not as bad as it sounds and since she’s only 8 months (almost 9) we won’t even have to go around to schools and teachers and coaches and whoever else to notify them, nope the only thing we have to fix is her name on the wall. Easy peasy.

I do have a concern with this change though. I have heard through the blogging grapevine a certain celebrity might potentially if the stars align just right use a form of this same name and if they did we look like copy-catters. Just to clarify we have been pondering this for a while. Am I stressing over something that I shouldn’t, probably. Who cares what celebs name their kids, maybe they copied me. Ha, ever think of that? And I guess if people think we are copiers that’s okay too. Maybe Petunia will feel cool to have the same name as this other famous kid could potentially have. Maybe this celeb won’t name their baby this and all will be right with the world. Maybe I shouldn’t even stress about something so not worthy of stress, there, I’m done and her name is now spelled the new way and I like it.