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Safeway Makeover

Posted in holiday, the hood, traveling with tags , , on February 29, 2008 by erin

I’ve deliberated over the last several weeks about where to do my grocery shopping. I’m a one stop shop kind of person-I want to get all my food in one place. I can barely make it to one store so there’s no going here for lunch meat and here for bread and here for milk. Over the last month I pondered and experimented with various stores. My all time fav, is Whole Foods but it can get a little spend-y even when I’m trying to be careful and let’s face it money isn’t growing on trees around here. I really like Sunflower Market too but the one closest to me is small so it lacks selection. My next choice is Safeway but I get frustrated with their lack of organic food and the store has a lot left to be desired in terms of atmosphere. This is why Whole Foods does so well, in part due to the atmosphere, who wouldn’t want to shop there? It’s beautiful! The people behind the marketing are genius and make me want to buy everything.

Today as I am getting ready for company (my parents) which means we get a night out! And don’t have to pay a sitter! I decided I would pop over to Safeway to pick up a few items we needed for the weekend. Milk, TP, Kleenex (can’t kick this cold) puffs for Petunia to snack on, Cadbury mini eggs (delish!) etc. Which brings me to the topic of Easter; it’s only February and here I am already talking about Easter. It’s early this year just like the time change is also early, like in two (?) weeks early. We will be celebrating Easter in Europe and that means we probably won’t really celebrate. I find it hard to celebrate a holiday when away from home anyway but I am bummed that P won’t have her first Easter dress. I see them in the store front windows and they are to die for cute but there’s no point. I’m not going to haul it all over just so she can wear it once and to what a coffee shop in Paris, okay, that might be pretty cute actually. But no I won’t spend el dinero on one this year. It will give us something to look forward to next yr.

We’ve never been ones to attend church while traveling in a foreign country. Actually, it might be pretty cool experiencing a service inside an old cathedral we just haven’t done it. Honestly, I have a hard time remembering what day it is while traveling. This year we are traveling with my husband’s brother (I’ll call him N for simplicity) and family who are strict Lutherans. My guess is N won’t allow his family to miss church Sunday morn. I’m hoping I don’t have to follow his rules seeing as how I’m not his kid and all and also I don’t like to be told what to do. I love my church here in our town and we try to go as often as we can but it doesn’t thrill me to attend just any church to say we went to church today. I don’t think God works that way. I think He’s cool with missing a service once in a while even if once in a while is haven’t been since the 90’s. Believe me, He’s cool with that.

Isn’t it bad etiquette to talk about religion? Does that apply to blogs too?

Anyhoo….I digress

Back to the topic at hand, the neighborhood Safeway. I think I’ve mentioned this before but I live in what I would call a yuppie neighborhood only it’s yuppie on certain blocks and on others a little sketchy and the Safeway is NOT on one of the yuppie parts! Every other Safeway in this town has had a big makeover. They are gleaming with their stainless steel signs, wider aisles, brighter lights, fancy shelving and LOADS OF ORGANIC AND HEALTH FOOD CHOICES! As I pull into the parking lot, I notice there is a bit of construction and my makeover antenna goes up, could it be?? Our ghetto neighborhood Safeway is finally, finally getting its much needed remodel. It’s true; I saw the stunning transformation myself. I really hope with this change I can do all my shopping here and still buy healthy organic food. Only time will tell. But don’t worry Whole Foods executives; I don’t think I can kick my Whole Foods habit completely.