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Say it isn’t so!

Posted in baby products, modern design, Target with tags , on January 24, 2008 by erin

Dwell at Target? I was just at Target-er, I mean Targhetto, today (surprise, surprise) and found the cutest stuff from dwell studio. It’s chic, it’s modern but without the modern price tag. Why does modern mean spendy? Don’t “they” know us po‘ folks need cool things too? I like the modern look, not to the extreme like my husband who would build us a house out of steel, concrete and glass. I like a little warmth to my straight lines no-frills approach. And I think dwell studio is perfect mix of modern and trendy but with warmth and softness. I so wanted to get P a crib set from this collection but it was a liiitttle out of my price range soooo I went with a lesser model.
As I was perusing the aisles of Target and taking my sweet time (P was at home with Daddy, why should I hurry??) I thought I would check out the baby section because I’m sure Pear really needs more baby crap. But she does need curtains (we are currently using towels and trust me it doesn’t look as good as it sounds) so I jaunted over to baby-ville and found the perfect little curtains from dwell studio. Hooray! I hung them up tonight and they look so great in her room! Hurry to your local Target before it’s all gone. Trust me you’re gonna like it.