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I shall plant only cactuses

Posted in entrepreneur, landscape design, modo with tags on March 9, 2008 by erin

In celebration of my new passion in life, landscaping design, I decided to put foliage on my blog. Pretty, eh? In the future maybe not so near I will wow you all with my landscaping design skillz. As for now I am reading all I can get my hands on and hope to take some classes in the next year. This landscaping will be a small business venture so I can still be around for Petunia. Marrying an entrepreneur will do that to you, think you can go out on your own and all. Work for the man? NO WAY! I would rather toil and sweat and go bankrupt and work a bazillion hours a week and never see my family oh and spend thousands of dollars in capitol calls so my business (es) will flourish. I work for myself but am killing well, myself. I’m not really bitter about itJ really I’m not, it will be great in the loooooong run.

Anyhoo, off topic. I imagine it will be several years before I see any fruits (ha ha pun) of my labor especially since I know nothing about landscaping, flowers or plants (really anything green) but am determined to learn as I love to be outside digging in the dirt. See this plant.

It is the only plant I have managed not to kill in my over 30 years on this earth. A Christmas cactus. I don’t think anyone could kill a cactus. My tendency is to not forget to water but over water. This doesn’t bode well for my new business venture. Don’t tell anyone.