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Posted in goals with tags on March 3, 2008 by erin

One of my favorite bloggers, Nona, is really an inspiration. I love reading her blog and usually learn how to better myself in some small way each time. A few weeks ago she posted her manifesto and got me thinking. So here’s my public declaration of intentions. What I strive for in my life and I’ll admit, I fail, sometimes a lot but I’m always looking to improve.

Be present in every moment**

Exercise as often as you can, it’s good for the heart, mind, body and soul**

Cherish each day we have with loved ones**

Raise loving and compassionate children**

Be gentle with another person’s heart**

Ask more questions**

Talk less**

Drink lots of water**

Say kind words about people you meet**

Pray, a lot**

Read books, any books**

Read to your kids**

Be kind to old people, you will be old someday**

Turn off the TV, cell phone and computer**

Take vitamins, the good kind**

Get lots of sleep**

Spend time with your friends**

Be a shoulder for someone to cry on**

Allow yourself to cry on someone else’s shoulder**

Eat whole grains**

Cut out white flour and sugar**

Play outside as often as you can**

Take your dog on lots of walks**

Listen to music**

Be kind to animals**

Dig in the dirt**

Sing silly songs and dance silly dances with your children**

Eat ice cream cones on a hot summer day**

Smile and laugh, a lot**

Be honest**

Be Respectful**

Live as green as you can**

Set goals and work to achieve them**

Waste less**

Travel with your family once a year**

Get to the mountains and breathe the fresh air**

Play in the sand on the beach**

Tell your spouse you love them every day and mean it**


Oprah Here I Come!

Posted in goals, Oprah, spring with tags , , on February 6, 2008 by erin

I am in the process of backing up my computer. What I really care about are the photos and music, I do have a small business so that stuff would be a bummer to lose but those photos can never be replaced. The good and bad with digital cameras. It’s going to take an hour and a half to backup all my photos and two for the music! So in the mean time I thought I would keep myself entertained…….

Have you ever looked at the Title 9 catalog? Title 9 has cute sporty clothes, shoes, bags etc. for the active but still very stylish woman. I personally love looking at their selection, but the one thing that catches my eye in every issue is the description of women in their photos. First of all where do they find these women? Do they have a casting and the requirements are: must have a really unusual name (or we can make one up for you), must have a PhD in something, must do at least 12 sports, and must have really weird likes/dislikes or sleep in your VW van and eat only grass.

The woman on the very first page is a perfect example:

Name: Kuan
Current Book: El Mago de Oz (that’s the Wizard of Oz to you and me)
Favorite Athlete: Secretariat-the greatest race horse of all time
Hidden Talent: Walking around in Bridge Pose

-See what I mean-
Here’s another:
Name: Kathe
Photographer by trade, sculptor, ceramicist, knitter and baker too.
She can also be found restoring vintage VW’s.
Sport of choice: Surfing, although she admits that she’s secretly always wanted to learn to break dance.

I am always inspired by reading these little bio’s. Usually I feel like I need to get out and surf (a little hard to do in my land locked state) or maybe head out for a run, or a bike ride, or better yet commute everywhere by bike or restore a vinatge car. It also makes me long for Spring and Summer when I can do all of the above. I get so antsy during the winter….need to go out and play!

Other times I feel so inadequate when I read this catalog. I mean look at what these women have accomplished! Sometimes I wonder what the heck I do all day and why am I not working on my PhD. And as the days turn into weeks I have yet to learn Spanish, take up knitting, open my own store selling something, invent a gadget every mom can’t live without and appear on Oprah (like the lady who invented the jibbitz for crocs) and make millions or even thousands.

I think I need some goals something to work on and achieve. I do have long term goals but really can’t do much with them until P is in school. So I need something I can do now. Maybe it will be to learn Spanish or knit or become the next best thing to Wally’s Biscotti. Don’t get me wrong, I do know I have the best gig there is right now. That gig is being a mommy. I would not change that for the world. I just want to be a really good mommy and a biscotti baker. Maybe I can’t have the best of both worlds. But maybe I can better myself in some small way. What I really want to do is have my own business without all the hard work, think it can be done? Here’s to finding my goal……and maybe being on Oprah one day.

Goal for 2008

Posted in Running with tags , on January 7, 2008 by erin

In an earlier post I misspoke. I said I am a runner. I should clarify. I am a jogger. Maybe soon that will turn into “runner” but I shouldn’t give myself more credit than I deserve. As I was jogging this weekend I thought of Bridget Jones when she talked about “her wobbly bits”. That’s what I felt as I was schlepping through snow, slush and ice. My wobbly bits were jiggling and it was making me quite uncomfortable. So now I am on a mission. I don’t want these wobbly bits any more. I am done with them. I was inspired (by Lulufabulous when she did this) to sign up for my own challenge, something to motivate me. And I found a goal I’m sure I can accomplish in 2008. It’s also through Nike Running. My goal is to run (jog) 1000km in 2008, that’s 621 miles for the year. Easy Peasy! I figure if I run (jog) 3X/wk at 3miles/run(jog) that’s…..9miles/week X 52 weeks/year= 468 miles for the year. That’s not 621 miles, but my goal is to work up to 6miles/run (jog) 3X/week so I KNOW I can make up the remaining 153 miles no prob. Who knows maybe by 2009, I can call myself a “runner”.

BTW I have found a great website for mapping runs. It’s
I used it to map my run(jog) and found I am currently jogging 2.5 miles. Nike has a similar version but I think this one is more user friendly. So I have logged 7.5 miles for the year. I have some running(jogging)to do. Let the jogging begin.

*As a side note, I just realized in signing up for these challenges I am supposed to have the shoes that sync with my i-pod. Crap. Well, I hate Nike shoes, they hurt my feet so I won’t be syncing any runs. I’ll just know in my heart that I have accomplished my goal. Stupid Nike marketing campaign!