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My Corner of the World

Posted in friends, in my corner of the world with tags on January 21, 2008 by erin

In a very fast paced world, I know we are all “busy” but it really irks me when people say “I’ve been so busy lately”. Oh really, I’ve been twiddling my thumbs and sitting on the couch lately. EVERYONE is “busy”….. but are we really busier than the previous generation, maybe. Does that make us better, I think not. I have a hard time scheduling myself into the next oblivion. Sure, I am a planner but not a scheduler. I can’t stand to not have any down time. I think some people are just go go go and I wonder when do they breath, when do they relax? It’s good for your soul and your family’s soul too. It’s a pet peeve so I will never tell someone how busy I am because in reality they are just as busy in their own way.

A friend of mine is so scheduled she has a two hour window of free time in the entire month-NO Joke! When we finally catch up she always tells me how crazy her life is. Now granted she does a lot of great volunteer work and the world needs that, but sometimes at the expense of her sanity and her family.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but my family will always come first. Of course I will volunteer but not five days a week. Of course Pear will be involved in extra curricular activities but not every single day. I think there is a healthy balance and in my corner of the world, I will strive to find it.

My Corner of the World

Posted in friends, in my corner of the world with tags on January 12, 2008 by erin

In my corner of the world, I would invite friends over for breakfast. I would make Crepes dentelles, or Russian crepes stuffed with fromage blanc or gateau of crepes with lemon. We would sit around in our PJ’s and slippers and bedhead and sip not red wine but Dark French Costa Rica Coffee from Peaberry. My friends B & M would come over say 7am with their kiddos G&G. The babes would roll around on the floor while we chatted about what we did last night or politics or skiing or how we met one another. Why don’t people have friends over for breakfast, it just seems weird, I guess. But I would, in my corner of the world.