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Posted in sick with tags on February 15, 2008 by erin

Yesterday I shoveled our walk. I actually like shoveling. It’s refreshing to be outside while snowflakes drift down around me. My husband usually does the shoveling and I appreciate it but once in a while I don’t mind if he has to jet to work early and asks if it’s okay if I shovel. Secretly, I am pleased but I won’t tell him. I just say, “of course I will shovel, hon”. He didn’t shovel because he is sick, yeah bummer sick on Vday. No Vday hanky panky for us….don’t worry we’ll make up for it. 🙂 ..silence…crickets chirping….uncomfortable……so anyway……

Yesterday around noon I hear our front door open and my first thought-since it was Valentines Day and all-he must be bringing me flowers or lunch, what a sweet guy. Nope, no flowers no lunch. He was feeling so bad he came home to crash on the couch for a few hours before an important meeting…..bummer. My husband’s not that bad when he is sick but I know some men can be pretty big babies. Check our this link, so funny, it shows what most men are like when they are sick. 🙂

Have you noticed how everybody is sick? Maybe it’s just my town but almost everyone I know has recently been sick or is currently coughing up phlegm. I have been doubling up on my vitamins, taking airborne (you know the stufff made by a school teacher because she was tired of catching colds from her studends) disinfecting everything and washing my hands a thousand times a day in hopes that neither I nor Petunia catch what ever is floating around! Even some of my beloved bloggers are sick like OHMommy and Lattemommy, I hope I can’t catch this thing through the Internet.

Weeks movie quote:
“Iris, if you were a melody……(proceeds to play a nice melody on the keyboard)…..I used only the good notes.”
So sweet. Any guesses on the movie? Should be an easy one.

Happy weeks end everybody oh and check out my new favorite blog (found her though Lattemommy): Agnes Miller, think you will like her.