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Belly Dancers and Beer

Posted in family time, petunia, Running with tags , , on May 27, 2008 by erin

We did it! We survived the famous Bolder Boulder, a scenic 10K through the streets of Boulder! Totally last minute we discovered no strollers were allowed in the race so we grabbed the back pack and headed out. It was a cool rainy day but really not too bad. 

Petunia did great considering the last time she was in the pack she screamed her head off for 30 minutes. The gentle rocking put her to sleep for about the first two miles, although she didn’t look too comfy.








We got lots of comments about packing her 6.2 miles, most folks were impressed and Matt was even called out as “Super Dad”, I think carrying her that far he deserved the recognition.  









This is what Petunia thought of the Bolder Boulder.




And what would the Bolder Boulder be without  belly dancers for entertainment?



Along with water and Gatorade there were plenty of stops for alcohol, you could pretty much take your pick.  Beer, beer and more beer or mimosas anyone? Folks were offering bloody Marys and even vodka shots.  We stopped at all of the above (just kidding).



Mother’s Day

Posted in mother's day, Running, Title 9K with tags , , on May 9, 2008 by erin

This is my first official Mother’s Day and instead of doing the usual brunch (at least that’s what my family always did-not that there is anything wrong with brunch!) I chose to get out and be active. Petunia and I will be doing the Mother’s Day Title 9K in beautiful Boulder CO. A couple of my friends (including ggsmama) will be joining me along with 1800 other mommies out to get some fresh air and good old fashioned exercise. I am looking forward to it. Happy Mother’s Day to all you fantastic mommy bloggers!