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my 15 minutes

Posted in fame with tags on February 19, 2008 by erin

You all know how the saying goes, everyone has 15 minutes of fame. Have you heard of the Style Network? Me neither, how about the reality TV show “Split Ends”. Yeah, I thought so. Never heard of it. Well, friends get out your TV recorders because I’m going to be on “Split Ends”.

It happened Saturday morning. I enter the salon where I am to have a little trim and it’s complete chaos! Men in black with cameras, fluffy microphones (I’m sure that’s the technical term), lights and equipment everywhere! Like I said total chaos. “What’s going on?”, I ask. “We are filming for the reality TV show Split Ends and you might be on TV, here sign this waiver.” So I sign, I don’t want to be one of those people with fuzzy faces, and I sit to await my stylist.

As I sit on the couch thumbing through a magazine I notice the cameras are pointed at the front door, right next to the couch I am currently sitting on. So I try to act all cool although I’m sure I looked pretty lame. In walks the star of the show. It’s take one. The star, we’ll call him Cruize, enters with a huge disco ball and presents it to the owner of the salon who is surrounded by all her stylist employees. He says some lines and end of scene. Whew, not so bad, I shouldn’t get too many laughs, in fact hopefully with Cruize entering no one will even notice my lame self sitting on the couch.

My stylish approaches and we chat, then it’s off to the shampoo bowls. As she wets my hair and begins to shampoo she is called over by her boss to appear in take two of the same scene. Now I’m getting nervous. Cruize is going to walk through that front door again and RIGHT by me and I’m sitting here with my hair wet and totally stuck to my head! Great.

They re-shoot the exact scene and I sit in dread as he walks right by me in my shampoo seat. Again, I play it cool. But how cool can I look with my hair dripping everywhere and plastered to my head! Uggg. How embarrassing! I really hope nobody watches this show!

It could have been worse, I guess. I could have been the lady sitting down where all the action is taking place with a huge clip on the top of her head. I think I got the better end of the deal.
I really hope this isn’t my 15 minutes…….