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Posted in creative juice, petunia, traveling with tags , on February 17, 2008 by erin

If you have been reading this blog for a while you already know we are headed to Europe soon. And if you are a new reader, well, we are headed to Europe soon. I have been gradually accumulating items Petunia will need on the trip. Last week I got her “geared up”. I know I spent too much money but I would rather have a warm happy baby than a cold grumpy one. I asked one of the employees who worked at my store of choice what he thought I should buy, which in hindsight may have been a mistake. Of course he suggested loads of stuff but he seemed really nice and knowledgeable about the weather in Europe so I bought everything he recommended. (!) I bought her a warm hat that snaps under the chin (in hopes of it staying on), an outer coat that will provide warmth and some water resistance for those wet/damp days, a fleece jacket for an added layer of warmth, some capalene long underwear that wicks moisture if she sweats and adds a layer of warmth in the damp climate and last but not least mittens.

It’s the mittens I’m talking about when I say creative for a day. I am certain these mittens (or one mitten) will be lost on our first day there, possibly even as we fly “across the pond” as they say. So I broke out my sewing kit and thread and some brown ribbon and set to work. As you can see in the photos below, I sewed a loop on the left mitten and used the manufacturer’s tag on the right.

Sorry about the blurry photo but you get the idea. Then I tied the brown ribbon through the loops on the mittens and strung the ribbon with mittens attached through the coat arms. I remember these were around when I was a kid but I haven’t seen any since the 70’s (gulp, I’m feeling old about now) Anyway this is a total makeshift job of trying to keep the mittens for our entire trip. Here’s to hoping we return with two mittens!