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The Madness that is March

Posted in sports with tags on March 17, 2008 by erin

March Madness aka “The Big Dance” aka “The road to the final 4” aka NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships aka my favorite sporting event of the year. I like this way better than The Super Bowl (over it) Wimbledon (don’t even know many tennis players any more) whatever the big golf championship even is (yawn, boring) Hockey playoffs (lame-o after the strike) Professional Basketball (total joke) oh, I guess the only other sporting event that ranks close would be the World Series (ALWAYS WATCH THAT!) and NCAA Football Championship (enter my picks every time.) I have filled out a bracket for “The Big Dance” since I was a freshman in High School. It’s become a tradition, a 16 year tradition! Wow, that’s crazy. I have had some great years like the year I won the entire pool! And then I’ve had some pretty crappy years like the year I had Kansas winning it all and they LOST IN THE FIRST ROUND! Stupid Kansas. Though we will be several thousands of miles away for most of the tourney this year, I’m still filling out my bracket and hoping that this is the year I finally beat my husband! Hey, and no copying my bracket. Get your own and join me in the Madness that is March!


Football Frenzy

Posted in sports with tags on January 2, 2008 by erin

Every year my Dad sets up a BCS competition amongst the family. It’s a friendly competition with no real winnings but fun nevertheless. We first select the winner of each game and then rank the game between 1 and 32 (since there are 32 bowl games). If you selected the correct winner you gain the number of points you put on the game. So for ie: I gave the CU vs AL game 32 points-I picked AL to win and they did so I gained 32 points. Normally, I watch enough College Football throughout the year to make educated picks. This year I didn’t get around to watching much football (surprise, surprise) so I pretty much guessed on the whole thing. I did know enough to pick Alabama over CU (since CU sucked this yr.) and to pick OR over S. FL. (even though they lost their QB, OR had a great yr). I should have picked Michigan but really thought Florida would run all over them since FL usually dominates.

Anyhoo, the point of this is I am winning (by total luck) but I know it makes the males crazy.
he he he.
We’ll see how it turns out on January 7th.