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Petunia Arrives

Posted in petunia with tags , , on June 6, 2008 by erin

Today is Petunia first birthday! So in honor of her I thought I would share the story of how she came into this world.

My due date was June 6th. I had my weekly Dr. check up on June 5th and things weren’t looking promising. Nothing was wrong it just seemed labor was not imminent. The Dr. decided to schedule me for an induction in a week, which totally freaked me out. I really wanted this kid to come on her own time not the Dr.’s. But I hesitantly agreed to the induction.

That afternoon I ran a few errands preparing for dinner guests. I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a month or more, you know the ones that prepare you for the real deal and today wasn’t any different.  Except this afternoon I noticed they were getting a little stronger and more frequent. They didn’t stop me from preparing dinner and entertaining friends that evening. In fact, I basically forgot about them (my contractions, not the guests). Our guests left around 9 and Matt and I dug into the pile of dishes we created and then set off to bed.

I woke around midnight with much more painful contractions. I decided at that time I should maybe start timing these things since they seemed a lot more frequent. They started at around 10 minutes apart and by morning were 5 or so minutes apart. I decided I would get as much sleep as possible because if this were really the start of labor I knew I needed rest. Thank goodness I didn’t disturb Matt so he got a great night sleep. I needed him refreshed and ready to help me out.

By 6 am I was downstairs on my hands and knees every time a contraction came and by 7 Matt was helping me time them. We called the Dr. around 7:30. Of course my Dr. was not working that day so I chatted with some other chick (who was breathing very heavy, I really hope she was exercising and not having sex). I told her all my stats and she said I could head to the hospital. I decided to take a quick shower because who knows the next time I would be able to, but showering while in labor, not easy.

We headed to the hospital but sitting in the car seat with a seat belt on is not a way to labor. So painful and of course it seemed forever until we reached our destination. We parked and headed in, I remember talking to someone at the front desk and having several contractions while he looked up our info and thinking, “What the hell, dude, I’m in labor! Get me a room, pronto!” We then followed a volunteer who was 90 through the hospital to the maternity wing. 9 months pregnant and in labor I could have walked laps around this woman. E.T.E.R.N.I.T.Y. That’s how long it took to get to our room.

We finally settled into our room around 9 am and I was checked to see how many centimeters I was dilated. 4 was the magic number at that time so yea, I could stay! The nurse gave me one of those fancy gowns to change into and hooked me up to machines to make sure everything was going smoothly.

I had a birth plan and a request for a doula. The doula was called and on her way and the nurse let me off the machines so I could walk around. I remember using a labor ball and lots of back rubbing from Matt until the doula came and turned our room into a sanctuary. She put lavender oil on my pillows and turned down the lights and told me how things were going basically interpreting everything the nurse told me. We walked the halls and spent time in the bath and several hours later I was wearing out. I wanted the epidural but at the same time knew I could keep going.

At one pm, the doula suggested I ask the nurse to check and see how far I was dilated, so she did and I was only at 6. Ugg, after 4 hours I really had hoped for more! As the nurse was checking me my bag of waters broke and it was a disgusting greenish color. Now they were fearful for Petunia’s health. After that things happened at a rapid pace. My contracts were killing me and I was demanding the epidural. When that was finally in, they also inserted a tube up me to flush out the contaminated water and give P fresh water. Then my labor slowed to they hooked me to Patocin. Then I threw up, got major chills and could not stop shaking. One nurses said if a woman in labor throws up, they know a baby will be born. And all I could think was, “Well good, I wasn’t going through this for fun you know, I’m hoping to get a kid out of all this.”

The next several hours were pretty uneventful. I was SLOWLY dilating. SLOWLY. The good thing was I could get a little rest. It wasn’t until 10pm that I finally got to push. I was so pumped to be almost done! Then the nurse said I probably had an hour of pushing. The thought of pushing for an hour exhausted me but unfortunately I couldn’t just stop. And she was right; I pushed for about 50 minutes and threw up twice.

Finally, Petunia emerged at 11:10 PM! On her due date (barely)! What a good kid. I didn’t get to hold her right away. She had to be checked out first since her water was contaminated but she was perfect, just perfect all 6 pounds 14 ounces and 21 1/2 inches of her and soon she was in my arms.  What a perfect day.