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gdiapers, the cutest thing for a baby’s toushie

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I mentioned before about gdiapers. When Petunia was little (like 4 weeks little) I tried them out but it seemed either poo or pee ended up on the outside so I decided to switch to disposable. During my disposable diaper phase I noticed how much artificial coloring was on each diaper and on several occasions that ink appeared on Petunia’s skin. Why does there need to be colorful cartoon characters made of artificial yucky-ness on every single diaper? I was done putting these on my kid. So I tried the gdiapers once again and am totally diggin’ them. They look so cute on her but that’s not the only reason I love these things. They are really easy to use and I love thinking there is no artificial colors and no plastic next to her skin.

For those of you not familiar with gdiapers, they are composed of a washable cotton little g outer pant (that come in adorable colors), a washable snap in liner (you get two per diaper because these can get soiled more frequently) and a plastic free flushable diaper re-fill. Like I said, this re-fill is flushable and it’s easy, so easy. If you don’t choose to flush you can compost or even toss in the trash. They will decompose in 90 days, so much better than the 500 years it takes disposable diapers to decompose. I’ve washed and re-washed the other little g pant and liners many times and they are still in perfect condition. And I just found you can purchase the refills on, you can also get a starter kit there which comes with everything you need to test these cute diapers out.

Even this pretty woman loves them:

Here’s Julia (from the Vanity Fair Interview above):

“I use Seventh Generation [chlorine-free, nontoxic] diapers for Finn and Hazel, and then I was turned on to the [plastic-free, flushable] gDiapers. Henry’s got a gDiaper on.… I would recommend them overall. It is flushable, but you’ve got to stir that thing! If you don’t really break it all the way up, it doesn’t go all the way down.”

So if you are feeling guilty about filling our landfills or just want something more natural give these a try. Click here to read why gdiapers are good for our planet.

G fact: Last year alone, 18-23 billion diapers went into landfills across America. That works out to be approximately 38,000 every minute and adds up to about 3.5 million tons of waste! (from gdiapers website)

PS I sound like a commercial. I assure you I am not. I just love these things!



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There once was a stroller named Boo
(I actually did not name this stroller but for the sake of the limerick though it should have one.)
She carried a baby as she grew.
She took a flight
and had a great fright
as she was tossed to the left and to the right.
**Limerick addition**
Now sadly she sits broken hearted and bruised and soon will be thrown away with other stuff that is used. I thought I would share some photos of how the airlines completely demolished our beloved Boo.




So very very wrong:

Being Green-again

Posted in being green, kid products with tags , on February 12, 2008 by erin

Greenstylemom’s latest post reminded me of another thing we can all do to be green. Reusable water bottles, I have been devoted to Nalgene since my first year of college but recently found these super cute and safe (meaning no leaching contaminants into your water) bottles from Sigg. Made with a single piece of aluminum and eco friendly. They have a ton of cute designs and kid sizes too in fact, Greenstylemom is having a great give away. Check out her blog and you can be entered to win two Sigg bottles-one for you and one for your kiddo. I had no idea the company had been around for 100 years.

Dwell Baby

Posted in baby products, modern design, Target with tags , on January 26, 2008 by erin
Here’s a photo of the curtains I picked up at Target from Dwell Studio.
I didn’t see them on the website which is a bummer because I wanted to get a matching bed skirt without having to purchase the entire crib set.

I also had to pick up the matching night light for a whopping 3$.

Being Green, Sort of.

Posted in being green with tags , on January 17, 2008 by erin

In the last couple of years everyone has become more aware of the term “being green”-in part thanks to Al Gore. My family has made some steps to help preserve our earth for the next generation. We don’t do a lot but I like to think what we do do (no, not doodoo) helps.
Let’s see we do things like:

  • recycle, (I just cringe when I see others throw away beer bottles or soda cans in the trash, cringe).
  • I use organic cleaning supplies (not sure if that one counts).
  • I bought shopping bags that I can use each week courtesy of Whole Foods and Sunflower Market (and I remember to use them every time!)
  • We have a Rinnai Direct Vent Furnace. It’s a technologically-advanced alternative to traditional central heating systems. They are compact and less expensive (use less gas) than central furnaces, yet they can heat a whole house. We have it on our main floor. It actually works-we didn’t break down and weep when our heating bill arrived, it’s awesome! My house has never been warm in the winter until we got this baby.
  • We have a tankless hot water heater*
  • Purchased wind energy from Renewable Choice in Boulder, CO
  • Use florescent light bulbs

I know there is so much more I can do to save this here planet. I could commute (yeah right, my city has crappy public transportation and with a kid probably not-if we got subways like NYC then yes I would commute. I really don’t have a place to commute to anyway seeing as I stay at home.)

Drive a Hybrid, sure, but they have to make one that looks great and holds all my kid and dog crap (not the actual dog crap, I meant all the stuff that goes with the kid and dog). Maybe these vehicles exist, I just haven’t seen one.

I tried using diapers that you can actually flush down the toilet. In my short experience with these diapers, they don’t work so great with newborns but might actually work nicely now. I think I’m going back to them. They are called gdiapers and are soooo cute! I didn’t flush them down the toilet though, just threw them in the trash and you can do that too since they decompose quickly.

Well, that’s the short list and pretty pathetic folks, Like Kermit said “It isn’t easy being green”. I am a huge consumer and waster. Embarrassing! Guess, I’ll need to research more ways of “being green”

*As a side note, this tankless hot water heater is NICE, I mean we NEVER run out of hot water. But, I’m not sure if it really is Eco-friendly. I have to run the water for at least a minute or two before the hot water actually makes it to it’s destination….saving gas, not saving water. In my city there are water conservation signs around that say:


All I can say in response is:



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Everyone seems to agree the Britax Marathon Car Seat is da bomb. Fine, I’ll get this one! At least it’s one stressor no more. I’m getting this color, cuz it’s so dang cute.


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My hubby gave me this for my birthday!
He said he felt like he was giving me a blender
but I love it. Now I can go anywhere do anything
no more “over-ending” my child!
Thanks, hun. Love Ya!

"F" stands for:

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In my case it stands for Functional. I won’t buy anything if it isn’t functional. This is good and bad I suppose. I won’t buy shoes just because they are cute, they have to have a functional purpose. Cute and they go with a lot of stuff. Or cute and I can wear them for hiking. Or cute and…..
A good example: my car: oh, it looks super cool but it’s also(you guessed it) functional. I can get around in any kind of weather in my car. Actually, it’s pretty bad ass in the snow and I love driving it through drifts. But back to functionality. My usual propensity to purchase functional products fell by the way side when I saw this:

I knew I had to have this when I saw it for the first time. It was just after SJP had James Wilkie and I saw a photo of her pushing him in her red bugaboo. I normally don’t buy things because a celebrity has one or endorses something-don’t get me wrong I like SJP. In fact she has a line of clothes out now called Bitten and everything is under $20. I haven’t seen the line but I imagine with SJP’s fashion sense it’s pretty great.

Anyway, back to the stroller. I thought it was the best looking stroller out there and my sweet husband bought it for me a year and half before we were even pregnant. Nice guy. Now, we are not fancy people. We live in Colorado for goodness sake. I don’t think you can be fancy and live in CO-unless you live in Aspen maybe. It’s the west-not fancy. We are 20 minutes from Buffalo Bill Cody’s grave-not fancy. So I don’t know why we needed to drop a grand on a fancy stroller. But at the time functionality was out the window and the bugaboo stroller was sitting in my living room!

I shouldn’t be so hard on those bugaboo folks. They actually did quite a nice job on their strollers and it’s functional for three seasons of the year. It folds nicely in the car, can turn on a dime so it works great for shopping trips and with all the accessories has about anything you could possibly want in a stroller. The problem for us is again, we live in Colorado and it started snowing and it snowed and snowed and snowed and since then I have discovered why this stroller is NOT functional. After basically “over-ending”* my child on numerous occasions I realized we need another stroller. We should have bought one of those BOBs or Burleys now there is a functional stroller. You can blaze through anything in one of those.

So if you see me this winter stuck in a snowdrift with my cute bugaboo will you just give me a shove? Thanks 🙂

*over-ending is when a cyclist falls over the handelbars and lands on their head or shoulder area and usually breaks their colar bone* Okay, I may have made that last part up but it’s something like that.

These are a few of my favorite things….

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“When the dog bites, when the bees stings, when I’m feeling sad. I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so baaaaaad.” Okay, I’ll stop singing, I’m sure your ears are bleeding.

I haven’t been a mom for long but I have already found some great baby things I couldn’t live without.

First, are Smartwool socks for kids (they have sizes 0-3 months and up) Why these socks you ask? They are the only socks I have found to stay on Pear’s feet and the only socks that actually keep her feet warm in the cold Colorado winter (well, technically it’s still fall). They make cute warm hats too. Love the smartwool.

Second, are bibs made by Mimi the Sardine. These bibs are so awesome! I was tired of Pear’s shirt getting completely soaked by the time we finished a meal. She’s a really messy eater as I imagine most new eaters are. These bibs are made in San Francisco, are water and soil resistant (but you can machine wash them), the fabrics are produced in accordance with strict environmental laws and are Oeko-Tex certified, plus they are super cute, fit around Pear’s (slightly chubby) neck and keep her entire shirt clean. They are a little pricey for bibs (about $15/bib) but will last forever! They have other products too like aprons and lunch bags. Love the mimi.

Third, the the Tripp Trap High Chair made by Stokke. I like the concept behind the design of this chair. It made so much sense to me. Plus, it actually looks nice in your house and Pear will be able to use it throughout her childhood and I am envisioning her using it as a desk chair when she is in school.

Lastly, are these breathable bumpers from Breathable Baby. I found them at Target. Pear stuffs her face against the side of the crib when she sleeps and being the paranoid mother I am (well, at least about sleeping/SIDS) I was so afraid she would suffocate. So found these and have not worried since.

One more, this is for the mommies. I have to give a shout out to the exercise class I attend a few times a week. This class has helped me keep my sanity while being a stay at home mom. The lady who started the class used to train movie stars in LA and NY. She created an exercise class that meets in the local park and you bring your stroller (and the kid(s). What a great concept. You get a wonderful workout (it kicks my a** every time) and your kid gets to spend time outside. It does the both of you good.

Well, like I said I’m a new mom so this is the list for now. I’ll probably add more as Pear grows and I find more great “must haves”