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Listos Part Cinque

Posted in Weekly Listos with tags on February 8, 2008 by erin

Weeks Highlight:
#1 Getting Petunia into a great school (and me getting 5 free hours during the week)
#2 Fixing my filling-FINALLY
#3 Nothing to do this weekend except hanging with Petunia and my husband (it feels like I haven’t seen him for a month). I’m hoping to get out for a walk to a local coffee shop since it’s supposed to be nice this weekend.

Weeks Best Movie:
Once-beautiful and haunting melodies-one to see for certain.

Weeks Movie Quote:
“Chancho, when you are a man sometimes you wear stretchy pants, in your room, just for fun.”

Can you guess what movie it’s from? AND no google allowed-if you can get this without looking it up I will be so impressed. Maybe I will start offering prizes for the first person to get it correct but first I have to get a few more readers—- so it might be a while for the prize thing.

Weeks Countdown:
#1 We’re getting a babysitter next weekend and going to dinner and a movie …..we’ll probably see Juno considering all the rave reviews it has been getting. I am so looking forward to it. We haven’t been to a movie in a couple of years.
#2 I’m hosting the first (of what I hope is going to be a once a month occurrence) mom-get-together. Basically, I never see my friends anymore so I thought I better just invite them all over for some good ol’ fashioned chatting and kid playing. If everyone came we would have kids at these ages 4,3,3,2 and 1 as well (two) 10 month old babies, (two) eight month old babies and (one) six month old baby…wow that’s a lot of kids. Should be some crazy fun.

Listos Part Quattro

Posted in snowshoeing, Weekly Listos with tags on February 3, 2008 by erin

Weeks Highlight: P’s first snowshoe trip in the Colorado Rockies.

Weeks Countdown: #1 To at long last a relaxing weekend at home….
#2 Standing in line at 4am to get my kiddo into a great pre-school……oh the things I said I would never do (never say never) but am doing now because I love my kid and want the very best for her. 🙂

Weeks Best Discovery: Caribou Coffee-Dark French Roast-so YUM!

Weeks Best Photo: “I’m too sexy for my Sunglasses”

Listos Part Tre

Posted in Weekly Listos with tags on January 28, 2008 by erin

Weeks Highlight: #1 Visiting my little bro and his wife (and their crazy golden doodle puppy-who LOVED P) for the first time since they were married-they have a great house just an hour north so it’s an easy trip.
#2 my kiddo slept until 7am!-that’s a record for her-her usual wake up time is 5am and I’ve done everything the “experts” recommend but she still greets the day nice and early, ugggg!

Weeks Countdown: a trip to the beautiful Colorado mountains and taking P on her first snowshoe trip.

Weeks Annoyances: booking places to stay in Europe, what a hassle. When I find a place and everything looks like a go, the place is rented out from under me. What’s up with those Europeans?

Weeks Bummer: my poor pooch is sick-not like as in he only has 6 months to live sick, just a doggie cold.

Weeks Realization: I want to move to a smaller town-more on this in another post.

Weeks Coolest finding: The lead singer for OneRepublic was at my brother’s wedding!

Listos Part Deu

Posted in Weekly Listos with tags on January 20, 2008 by erin

Weeks Worst Movie:
Hot Rod-I am so embarrassed to say I saw this movie. NEVER RENT IT!

Weeks Best Movie :
Better Off Dead-such a classic-so good

Weeks Blond Moment:
Putting regular dish soap in the dishwasher-(in my defense, this soap was right next to the dishwasher soap on the store shelf. I was shopping with my kiddo and we all know how easy it is to get sidetracked while shopping with a kid-I usually don’t pull this blond of a stunt and I am a blond so I can say this:)

Weeks Highlight:
First plane ride for Pear-she did so great and we got some valuable experience for the trip to Europe (although the next flight is 3X as long as this flight-YIKES)

Weeks Countdown:
3 days until my first facial!

Weeks Let Down:
Downloading movies to TIVO-I was so excited for this feature only to be let down completely. It takes as long to download as it does to watch it. lame-o. Also, the selection is pretty bad. Gonna stick to Red Box rentals for a $, can’t beat that.

Weeks “who cares”:
Besides Brittany Spears and Tom Cruise and Scientology. The Super Bowl. Who cares this year? The Patriots are stomping all over every team. They have won every game this season and have somthing like a 18 game winning streak. The only plus: Tom Brady is Hot!


Posted in Weekly Listos with tags on January 12, 2008 by erin

Okay, I cannot take credit for this idea. I found it on and thought it brilliant. My weekly wrap up won’t be as witty or well written as the cactus (I know I suck at grammar and punctuation and thank God for spell check) but it’s mine so that’s okay. First, Listos as defined in the Urban Dictionary: “the short version, summary of a long paper/article/post or for me summary of my week.” Here’s my listos.

Favorite New Adventure:
Music class for the kiddo. (What fun what fun to sing kid songs and make a fool of myself.)

Favorite Discovery:
#1) Pear’s New Tooth!
#2) Renting movies through TIVO (yes, I am that lazy and we canceled our netflixs when we realized in December we had the same movies since June)

Favorite Evening:
Hanging with the girls-even though we had to see a sappy love movie (PS I Love You, which was okay but it can wait for DVD)

Stressor of the week:
#1) Our first flight coming up in a week (kind of a test flight for us before we take the big one)
#2) which fricken car seat to by next (Pear is an 1″ away from needing a new seat, I practically have to jam her into her current car seat)

Bummer doggie moment:
#1) listening to my pooch yelp as the vet was removing his split, infected toenail.
#2) watching as a man picked up a dog that was just hit by a car, very sad-I’m pretty sure the doggie was dead 😦

Favorite Text Message:
Sent from hubby to me while we were sitting on the couch watching TV:
Hubby: what are you wearing right now?
Hubby: I’m wearing that silk thong you gave me and a cowboy hat and that’s it! (he actually doesn’t own a thong-gross)

Favorite New blog(s) found: