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It comes full circle…

Posted in modo, moving on, saddness with tags , on May 6, 2008 by erin

History…Do we learn from it or repeat it? Hopefully learn. That’s why we watched as British soldiers studied the battles at Normandy. What could they take away and use in this life time? What can we take away and learn from?

We moved to this city in 2003 young and full of spunk. With dreams. We moved here with $30 in our pocket but had hope that things would get better. Matt decided he was done working as an Engineer and I can’t blame him. That job took the life out of his eyes, I knew that. I didn’t want that for him or us. So he started a small company, Commercial Equity, with two smart entrepreneur buddies like himself. They started in coffee shops with meetings and ideas while I worked to help us survive.

Soon they had a goal, a plan and a building. They bought an apartment building built in the 50’s completely renovated it, putting 60 to 70 thousand dollars per door. With finishes that did not usually come standard: granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, hard wood floors, glass tile, balconies and roof top deck with views of the city skyline. These finishes most developers would charge the buyer 2 or three times their cost but not us. We made our places affordable and they flew off the shelf so to speak. I quit my job and became their office manager/bookkeeper.

Things flourished in the next several years, more buildings were purchased, investors called us to see if we had a spot for their money, foreman and laborers were hired, partners brought aboard, realtors commissioned, work trucks purchased, I got an assistant, we got a fancy new name and purchased a fantastic office building .

It was awesome. We were the talk of the town. We hired a marketing expert, were written about in countless papers, threw amazing parties and still we grew.


Things are not so glamorous now. Blame it on the market. Blame it on growing too fast. Blame it on being too nice. Whatever or where ever the blame lays it doesn’t matter. The reality is the company is down to partners and two hired employees; we moved out of our fabulous office building and are scraping by. No money, no income, s.l.o.w. sales and slashing prices to get out.

My heart is heavy. I had hoped by now at our age and with a baby we would be financially stable. Not millionaires not even hundred thousand-air. Just secure.

The good news: I have my family, we have a home, and we will survive. My husband is smart and a hard worker and for what ever reason he was lead to get his broker license a few months ago. All is not lost. I believe they (we all) have learned. I believe some day we will have financial stability. I have a hope and a dream I won’t let die. Things will get better, I can feel it.