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Posted in family, goals, home sweet home, moving on, petunia, remembering with tags on June 11, 2008 by erin

I wish I could write something witty that would make you all laugh, but I’m not there right now.  Things are tough.  But in saying things are tough I still find a lot of hope and encouragement in my heart. I go back and forth between crying, feeling down and feeling encouraged.  In the end, I feel we are making the right choice for our family.

We decided to rent our house and I certainly have mixed feelings about this.  First, it’s our home but really a home is what you make of your current structure.  If need be, I can make a cardboard box a home.  I am sad to leave our newly remodeled kitchen with top of the line appliances and Berloni cabinets, new master bathroom, front loading HE washing machine & dryer, Petunia’s room I worked so hard on, but mostly the ease of entering and exiting our home with strollers and bikes oh, and our yard. 

Really though, what’s important here is not where we live but that we stay united as a family.  Petunia will most importantly have the love of her parents, a place to live, food, clothes, books and toys.  She won’t even remember this time in her life.  But even if she were older and did remember this, it wouldn’t be so bad.  I would hope it would teach her to appreciate the gifts she is given but also that “things” don’t matter.

So we are moving into a condo with a goal of moving back into our home in a year.  This place is a brand new condo in one of Matt’s many condo conversion projects.  There are certainly some positives in this move.  Our monthly expenses will drop considerably, this place is nice (though smaller than we are used to so a storage unit is necessary), with less expenses I really hope the stress level lowers and maybe the sleepless nights become less frequent.  Because it is smaller (thank God, it’s at least a two bedroom) it will take MUCH less cleaning!  Yea!!!  We are right downtown and within walking distance to a grocery store, coffee shop, several restaurants, Cherry Creek shopping center, our church and the best park in the city! 

So like most of life, we take the good with the bad, have the courage to make the best of every situation and most important live with grace and love.

Valentines Meme

Posted in remembering, wedding day with tags , on February 13, 2008 by erin

In honor of Valentines Day I thought I would participate in the meme that’s going around. I enjoyed reading all of the other wedding tales so here’s my tale of love:

1. Where/How did you meet?
College. He noticed me first. I studied at the student union where he and his buddy would hang out and occasionally play pool. They dressed in suits and “met” with other students-what normal college student does that? I thought they were Mormons-nothing against Mormons, just had no interest in dating one. His friend asked me if I wanted to play pool with them. I turned them down because of the Mormon thing (turns out they were recruiting for a summer job) and I thought I was way too busy studying and had no time to play.

2. How long have you known each other?
This Valentines Day will mark 9 years together! Wow. That’s hard to believe

3. How long after you met did you start dating?
Few months-he had to convince me to date him…..

4. How long did you date before you were engaged?
3 years

5. How long was your engagement?
8 months-felt like forever!

6. How long have you been married?
In March we will have been married 7 years

7. What is your anniversary?
March 24th, 2001

8. How many people came to your wedding reception?
No idea, I’m bad with numbers 75-100?

9. What kind of cake did you serve?
soo scrumptious, amaretto with cream cheese frosting. It even tasted great one year later.

10. Where was your wedding?
In the mountains of Colorado

11. What did you serve for your meal?
finger type food

12. How many people were in your bridal party?
3 total- two High School friends and one college friend

13. Are you still friends with them all?
yes, although I don’t talk to them as much as I would like

14. Did your spouse cry during the ceremony?
I have the sweetest photo of him looking up as I walked down the aisle, he does have a tear in his eye.

15. Most special moment of your wedding day?
besides the getting married part, seeing all my family and friends, leaving the reception and just being with my new husband

16. Any funny moments?
I so wanted the flower girl or ring bearer to do something funny as they walked down the aisle but they all performed perfectly.

17. Any big disasters?
Nothing major but the ushers girl friend got lost and he had to borrow my car to find her

18. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Estes Park and Aspen

20. If you were to do your wedding over, what would you change?
Not a thing.

21. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Either side

22. What size is your bed?

23. Greatest strength as a couple?
We agree on the major goals.
His strengths are my weakness and my strenghts his weakness.

24. Greatest challenge as a couple?
I would say him constantly on the cell phone when he is at home and he would say……nothing I’m perfect, just kidding…..too much time spent blogging, maybe?

25. Who literally pays the bills?
Paypal-it’s all automated!

26. What is your song?
Louis Armstrong- “What a Wonderful World”

27. What did you dance your first dance to?
same as above

28. Describe your wedding dress:
I am horrible at fashion, I don’t even know what material it was-satin? or something like it. I had it made because I knew exactly what I wanted and didn’t want to spend countless hours in the dressing room. It was simple and perfectly me.

29. What kind of flowers did you have at your wedding?
We used mostly Ivy and while lights, there were some white flowers too.

30. Are your wedding bands engraved?

Thanks Everyday Yogini for prompting me to do this, it was fun remembering and knowing I had the perfect day with the perfect man.