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Posted in pear, petunia with tags on February 5, 2008 by erin

For the sake of this blog and the stalkers out there, I have been calling my little girl Pear. I never really liked this little blogname for her, it was just the best I could come up with at the time. It was the first solid food she ate and she kinda looked like a little pear. But not so much any more, she’s less round now and taller. So I’ve been doing some thinking and I would like to change her blogname to Petunia. I have never been one to stick with something for the long haul anyway you can ask my husband, I constantly re-arrange things in our house and he can never find anything, hee hee.
Back to Petunia, it’s a name I have a couple of connections with albeit silly connections but connections none the less. While in college I worked in a foodestablishment and my manager at the time-a sweet, sweet gal-called me Petunia. I don’t know why. Second connection with Petunia, while in Mexico I rode this crazy white horse on a little tour and her name happened to be Petunia. So there’s the story and from here on out, my little P will be forever known in the blog-o-shpere as Petunia (at least until I change it again)


Posted in baby products, pear with tags on January 14, 2008 by erin

Everyone seems to agree the Britax Marathon Car Seat is da bomb. Fine, I’ll get this one! At least it’s one stressor no more. I’m getting this color, cuz it’s so dang cute.

First Tooth

Posted in pear, teething with tags on January 8, 2008 by erin

Thought I should mark this in my 21st century baby book. Today my baby is getting her first tooth! How exciting! It’s barely breaking though the gum. It doesn’t seem to bother her much as far as I can tell, but maybe that’s why she didn’t sleep a couple of nights ago. hmmmmmm. I’ll never know. BTW she slept all night last night! Much needed for mom and dad. Hopefully teething won’t be a completely painful process for her.

Zombie Nation

Posted in pear, sleep with tags , on January 7, 2008 by erin

I am sitting here half asleep, wishing I were completely asleep and wondering what the HELL is going on? Earlier I was contemplating what I should write about on my next post. I thought I would write about the significant change I’ve noticed in Pear in just two short weeks and how awesome it’s been. And then whammo-she decides to wake up two nights in a row and stay awake for 1-2 hours! This is hard because I was feeling so confident like I figured things out. She was sleeping great! I mean, all night for several weeks and usually not waking until at least 6am (which for her is good). Now I am at a loss and very, very tired. I hate the maybes: maybe she’s growing, maybe she’s getting a tooth, maybe she has separating anxiety. Maybe I suck at figuring things out!

I’ll go a head write what I originally wanted to post and say focused on the positives. Sometimes that’s all you can do, I think. Hopefully tonight (please, God) she’ll get back to sleeping through the night.

What I have noticed in just two short weeks (from 6.5 months to 7 months) is tremendous! It’s for sure the biggest change I’ve seen in the shortest amount of time. She’s sitting up GREAT, reaching for EVERYTHING, almost has rolling over mastered (which puts great fear in me as I had not baby proofed at all!) She has figured out some of her toys ie: what moves and makes noise, how to make herself bounce and I see the recognition on her little face-she knows. When she make the toy beep or talk she looks at me with a huge smile she understands. She is eating in her high chair-3 meals a day, is out of her swaddle blanket and can now fall asleep without my assistance (that one is a HUGE plus!). It makes me so excited for what’s to come, she’s turning from a helpless baby into a little kid. I love it! See staying positive!

Getting so big

Posted in 6months, pear, shots with tags on December 10, 2007 by erin

Pear’s now 6 months! (official day was December 6th) At times I wasn’t sure if I’d make it to 6 months (if only they could come out at 6 months old life would sure be a lot easier). But then of course I would miss tiny baby stage that lasted all of two weeks with Pear. I still can’t believe she was only 6lbs 14oz at birth-thank God, and she had a tiny head (which I can thank my husband for-and I did!). I have to say though thinking back the time went by fast and now we’re getting the hang of this mom and baby thing. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I was cut out for being a mom but have had a complete turn around and now can’t imagine life without Pear. We created something pretty great here, my best work of art yet!

It will probably all change tomorrow but for now we’re doing great. Naps are good, night sleeping is good, she has even stopped waking 45 minutes after I put her down at night! YES! We are working on getting out of the swaddle blanket. Usually when I put her down with one arm out of the swaddle by the time the nap is over I will find a huge scratch mark or her eye will be red from rubbing it so much.

She weighed in at 18.1lbs and is 27 1/4″ long. 75% for weight and 95% for height. She had to get shots today. I hate when she gets shots, I can’t imagine how she feels about them. Well, I guess I kind of know since she lets out some good cries (who wouldn’t?). She looks at me with eyes full of crocodile tears and I can’t help but wonder if she is saying “make it stop, mom”. It hurts. I hate shot day. The only good thing (well, besides that fact that we are protecting her from lots of diseases) is she usually takes a nice long nap afterwards. She must be wiped out from her traumatic experience.

So happy 6 month birthday, Pear. I Love you!

My baby’s a chunker

Posted in pear with tags , on December 6, 2007 by erin

but I love her. Seriously, Pear tops the charts in height and weight. Which is great because we know she’s healthy but when it come to clothes it’s the pits! She can’t wear any of those cute pants with zippers (like jeans, cord etc) because they are so tight around her tummy I hear her breathing like Darth Vader (poor kid). It’s elastic waste band pants for a while I afraid. Oh well, she’s just a baby anyway she doesn’t care what she wears. But I kind of do, it shouldn’t matter but I want to make sure my kid looks cute. Then I found some super cute corduroy pants at Target. They are by Oshkosh and have an adjustable waist band. They are great and perfect for Pear. Thank goodness for Target. Couldn’t live without that store.

baby babble and daddy’s the best

Posted in pear with tags , on December 5, 2007 by erin

She’s babbling a lot now. I swear she’s saying “mama”. She doesn’t know it but it sounds like “mama” and I love it. It’s the only thing I have over my husband because she already thinks he’s the best. Oh, she loves her daddy can’t take her eyes off of him. I imagine it only gets better (for him) as she gets older. As soon and as opens the door home from work she’ll run to him like he’s bringing her greatest toy out there and mom is old news. I only think this because I hear it from other moms. Sigh…I know she’ll appreciate me one day, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves since she is only 6 months.

say cheese…..

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We had professional photos done of Pear over the weekend. We had to do at least once once. She will never be this small again. I wanted to capture her “babieness” while we could. I ended up being in a lot more photos than I had hoped and although I wouldn’t say I am very photo-genic I think they turned out ok. Of course the ones with Pear all turned out beautiful.

Pear has arrived

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My first blog. Joining the 21st century. Thought this might be a way for family and friends to keep up to date with my first daughter (who will be called Pear because she likes pears and she sort of looks like a pear with her little round tummy) as she grows, which is happening quickly. Every one I meet says to enjoy these times because they grow up fast. I am enjoying them for sure! I love the chance to stay home and catch each and every smile, coo and cry. Although I am also looking forward to a full nights sleep!
At the time of this posting Pear is 5 months old. She is rolling over pretty well now (from back to tummy) but hasn’t figured out how to roll from tummy to back so after a while on her tummy she will give us a few yells to say, “Hey I’m uncomfortable here, help me out!”. One thing that is getting better is her napping. Nap time might last 2-3 hours! Yea!! We are still working on night time sleep. She still gets up at least once a night, more out of habit than hunger I believe. Since the time change she thinks 5:30 is 6:30 and it’s time to get up!
She’s also starting to eat real food. She loves oatmeal, hates rice cereal and we just started real food. The first food we tried was sweet potates and she loves them! She must take after her mom. Next we’ll try avacados and see how that goes…..