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And oh yeah we went to London

Posted in London, traveling with tags , on April 16, 2008 by erin

I thought I should post about the last 6 days of our trip because if I don’t do it soon it will be gone from my brain and I can’t just leave you all hanging and saying “when is she going to tell me about the final days of her trip? I’m just sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation.”
Okay, you might not be saying this to yourself but please don’t tell me.

The next stop in our whirl wind tour of Europe was London. Getting to London from Northern France proved a difficult task. We had two options. Option One: two hour train ride BACK to Paris and then another 4 hour train ride to London (through the Chunnel) sounds interesting. Option Two: Ride a HUGE ferry across the English Channel to Portsmouth, England and then take a 2 hour train ride into London. We chose option two and it turned out to be the perfect choice. This ferry was the largest boat I have been on in my 30 years of life. Now, I have never been on a cruise and I imagine those ships would put this one to shame but I was pretty pleased with this ferry. There were 11 floors, a game room, bar, two movie theatres, a restaurant, free motion sickness meds (and yes I had to take them) and plenty of room for Petunia to crawl around. And in 6 hours we arrived on land only to board a train that in two hours delivered us to Waterloo Station in London. By the time we reach our apartment we had been traveling for 13 hours and everyone was exhausted!

We only had two days in London not near enough time to see all the amazing sights and museums! On top of that Petunia got a whopper of a cold so we only went sightseeing part of each day and the weather was just what you would imagine for London weather foggy, rainy, windy and cold not optimal weather for an infant with a cold.

The first day we took a stroll through the streets of London and we passed Top Shop! Then we ventured onto Big Ben and Westminster Abby and the Houses of Parliament. The second day we saw the Royal Palace and then onto the very important sight of Harrods. I keep thinking I need to get back to London someday to see everything we missed but in reality there are so many other places I want to see London might just have to wait awhile.

The following day we rode a train 5 hours north to Edinburgh……. (to be continued)

**Air France finally came through for us! They are paying the full price of the stroller plus an extra $100.00 because my husband was such a pain in their ass and called them everyday. Here’s to persistence.