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Still Landscaping

Posted in landscape design with tags on May 14, 2008 by erin
Still diligently working on our yard. We planted some stuff, here’s proof:
I don’t know the correct name for any of this grass. To me it’s grass that looks different than lawn grass. This is ornamental grass with purple edges on the leaves.
This is plain old grass that will grow tall and have some red feathery stuff eventually, oh and we laid this rock too. Hard work that rock.

This grass rocks, it’s squiggly and purple
I love Gerbera daisy’s so I planted a few.

green thumb don’t fail me now…..

Posted in landscape design with tags on April 30, 2008 by erin

We spent last weekend working in our yard even in the snow. I’m a fair weather landscaper/yard worker. It has to be 65 and sunny before I’ll venture outside. My husband on the other hand is what I like to call either “a slave driver” or “a go getter”. Either way he wasn’t going to let 40 degree temps and snow keep him (or me) from our work.

I’ll let him slide on the slave driver part since I was the one who suggested we get all this done before Petunia’s one year birthday party.

We have quite the task ahead of us to put it mildly. There are several spots of landscaping bark we removed and have yet to remove. I’m not super keen on landscaping bark. It just doesn’t look good for long especially when you have the world’s rowdiest dog underfoot. His goal in life other than to annoy me is to spread bark all over the yard. So it’s going-the bark, not the dog-but I wouldn’t mind if it were both.

We also ripped out an old and sad looking hydrangea bush (okay Matt did) I watched. Here is that old bush going to a new home. The dump.

And in it’s place we planted a cute little crab apple tree (non-fruit bearing). I am so proud of this tree. It’s the first tree I have ever planted.

We tore out some sad rose bushes as well and in their place planted grass seed and if the dog would stop running through this spot we should have some nice grass shoots soon!

This weekend our goal is to remove the rest of the bark (there is a ton in the back!) and plant some super cool ornamental grass in front of our picket fence. Oh, and another awesome job my husband gave me was to paint the picket fence. Gee honey, can I really paint the fence? You are so kind!
We are also going to plant flowers and herbs here. This little patch of dirt sits in front of our porch. I’m excited to load it up with flowers.

The sprouts in the pot below are lavendar. My first little green sprouts.

To be continued……

Day in Dirt

Posted in exercise, landscape design, spring with tags , on April 11, 2008 by erin

Tuesday was a glorious day in my town. Yesterday not so much (snow) today a tad better but by Monday in the SEVENTIES!! WHOO HOO! But back to Tuesday; the day began with my stroller mamas exercise class outside! FINALLY! I officially got my bootie kicked and the soreness has set in so walking or bending over causes me to feel those muscles I seemed to have neglected this winter. But I loved it. So did Petunia because at the end of class she was freed from the stroller to roll around in the grass and even eat a few blades.

But what made this day even better was the fact I got a couple of hours in my yard. My sad depressing yard is getting a makeover this year and I’m super pumped. We worked diligently on the inside of our house (and of course things are never done but so close) but we’ve yet to touch the outside and it shows. So this spring and summer if you should come a knocking you will find us outside raking, hoeing, trimming, planting, tearing up, laying stone, and ripping out bushes, fixing the fence and so much more. I’m thinking I’ll be pretty tan by the time June rolls around! Plus I need to hone these landscaping skillz I am acquiring and what better place to start than my very own yard.

****here’s a side note: my NCAA bracket pretty much stunk up the place by the time the final four rolled around. Guess I was a bit more focused on packing than what team was packing the heat. Oh well, there’s always next year. And of course the year I didn’t pick the Jay Hawks was the year they dominated. What a game! By the way what does Rock Chalk Jay Hawks even mean?

Happy Weekend!


I shall plant only cactuses

Posted in entrepreneur, landscape design, modo with tags on March 9, 2008 by erin

In celebration of my new passion in life, landscaping design, I decided to put foliage on my blog. Pretty, eh? In the future maybe not so near I will wow you all with my landscaping design skillz. As for now I am reading all I can get my hands on and hope to take some classes in the next year. This landscaping will be a small business venture so I can still be around for Petunia. Marrying an entrepreneur will do that to you, think you can go out on your own and all. Work for the man? NO WAY! I would rather toil and sweat and go bankrupt and work a bazillion hours a week and never see my family oh and spend thousands of dollars in capitol calls so my business (es) will flourish. I work for myself but am killing well, myself. I’m not really bitter about itJ really I’m not, it will be great in the loooooong run.

Anyhoo, off topic. I imagine it will be several years before I see any fruits (ha ha pun) of my labor especially since I know nothing about landscaping, flowers or plants (really anything green) but am determined to learn as I love to be outside digging in the dirt. See this plant.

It is the only plant I have managed not to kill in my over 30 years on this earth. A Christmas cactus. I don’t think anyone could kill a cactus. My tendency is to not forget to water but over water. This doesn’t bode well for my new business venture. Don’t tell anyone.