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Spring Fever

Posted in chocolate, food, hair, spring, starbucks with tags , on March 5, 2008 by erin

I have many things floating around in my brain so I’m just writing them all down.

  • How many times can I post about spring’s arrival? It seems A LOT! And I’ll keep posting about it even when it’s here, I heart spring.
  • Have you tried the honey latte at Starbucks? Pretty dang good. I tried it first with soy but it was a tad sweet so the next time I went with skim milk. I don’t like my coffee too sweet or sugary but I think the honey latte has a good mixture.
  • I cut my own bangs. I haven’t done that since 3rd grade when my friend Kristy chopped off one pony tail and my bangs. Why did we both get in trouble? She’s the one who did the cutting. If you are one to trim your own hair try to prevent the teeny tiny hairs from going down your shirt. In my case these hairs have now made into my underpants and bra so I feel as though I have ants in my pants (and bra)!
  • I made up a song today, it goes a little something like this (to the tune of rain rain go away)
    Snow snow go away

    Little Petunia wants to go outside and play

    (and so does her mommy)

    Maybe not original but fun to sing none the less. You probably get that it snowed yet again. I shouldn’t be surprised, we do live in Colorado and March is the snowiest month. I have cabin fever BIG time! I’m aching for spring and spring is toying with my emotions-last weekend the temp was SEVENTY-FOUR. Why are you so mean spring?

  • I put a Feedjit on my blog cuz its fun to see where the readers come from (most of the traffic is myself, it seems I stalk myself). I’ve noticed it on other people’s blogs and thought that’s neat and now these people know I am stalking them. Can’t help it, I am addicted to blogging.
  • Cadbury mini eggs are going straight to my hips but I can’t stop eating them. URG. Note to self: Stop purchasing Cadbury mini eggs!

That’s all the mush my brain can muster today.