gourmet kid

Petunia has a taste for the unusual.  Things like rocks and dirt seem to be a favorite these days.  She loves to roam the yard and sample a rock or two or maybe an entire handful of dirt.  Mmmmm, she says. 

The other day I saw her eat a fly.  A dead fly that had been sitting in the window sill for day (or weeks or a year).  I never bothered to remove it (them-I’m not gonna lie, there are a few dead flies in there).  I mean they weren’t bothering me and of course I never imagined my child eating one.  But eat one she did and said mmmmmmm afterwards.

Thank goodness she likes normal food too or I would really start to worry.  I figure she’s just being a kid and exploring and soon she learn those things taste yucky and won’t be determined to sample them.

Today, her taste for the unusual took the cake.  I was changing a messy diaper.  You know the one, where stuff squirted out both leg holes and the back.  It was a mess!  Poo everywhere.  Now, she’s put her hands down there before and I am quick to wipe them clean before she spread poo all over, but today there was such a mess I couldn’t keep the poo and Petunia contained and once again she put her hands down there and proceeded to pop them right into her mouth.  She smacked her lips but thank goodness didn’t say mmmmmm.  The whole time I’m totally grossed out and insead of using an entire box of wipes to clean her (and by this time me, I’m covered in poo too) I opted to throw her in the tub. 

I know what your thinking. UGG. GROSS.  SO DISGUSTING.  But please tell me my kid isn’t the only one who has sampled her poo!

2 Responses to “gourmet kid”

  1. Oh my! I wish I could comiserate but the G’s have yet to sample their poo. I’m sure it’s coming though. I threw up a little in my mouth when I read this.Ughh.

  2. Oh goodness. Well, I know that when one of my cousins was little she took off a very dirty diaper and finger painted with the contents all over her crib and the wall…and I do believe there was a sampling of it as well. I sure hope Petunia gets over this stage quickly.

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