baking catastrophes

I was so excited to share with you all my triumph in the kitchen until it turned into a complete failure.  I am actually embarrassed to put these photos on my blog but thought if someone needs a great laugh this might be just the thing for it.

I thought I would be a baking queen for father’s day.  I do love to bake and create fun stuff in the kitchen problem is I don’t have the time to hone my skills and with a one year old around I get sloppy and just want the job done.  Also, I have never worked with candy melts before and didn’t know what to expect.  Oh, I have zillions of excuses up my sleeve as to why my creations turned out so baldy but you don’t want to hear those, you want to see photos so you can start snickering (and I don’t blame you).  I won’t give super detailed instructions but I will put a link to the pros blog so in case you are interested you can get the step by step instructions there, this gal is super amazing!

Here goes, I will show you my meek attempt. First up, the cake.  Supposed to be red velvet cake but again I had a one year old with me shopping and couldn’t find the red velvet and wasn’t about to go to another store.  Standard white had to do.  I thought dumping a whole bottle of red food coloring would work, but no it just turned neon pink and tasted like food dye.  We’ll probably get cancer from all the dye.  So if you are going to attempt this, get a red velvet cake.  Saves you from cancer at least.


Next, mix the cooled cake with frosting (don’t use a whole can) and use your fingers.  Then roll into balls and place on cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.  I forgot to photograph this step so just pretend you see little red balls on a cookie sheet.  Also, I was supposed to get 50 balls and only got 30.  Clearly, I made my balls too big (insert laugh here).   Another testament to laziness on my part…..Oh, and pop those balls into the freezer to harden a little…..

Okay, enough about balls.  It’s onto the crests.  Draw your outline about 100 times or for as many balls as you made (guess we aren’t done with balls after all) on parchment paper.  Flip the paper over and tape down.  Then start outling the crests.  Using a candy writer.  In Red.  For Super Dad.  See, look how much fun I’m having…


Outlined crests:

Next, you fill in the crests with the yellow candy writer.

Now, get out the balls -you know which ones I’m referring to 🙂 -Stick some lollipop sticks into them and dunk them in blue candy melt (no comment).  Forgot to photograph this step too seeing as my hands were covered in blue candy.


The candy will dry fast so make sure you attach the crests to them before they dry completly and walla, you are done and have super pops for your super pop!



Whew!  A mess for sure, but they tasted okay and my dear sweet husband thought they looked great and even ate several on Father’s Day!  I then pawned the rest off at his office (those dudes will eat anything.) 

Here is the link to the pro:

4 Responses to “baking catastrophes”

  1. ggsmama Says:

    Actually the outcome doesn’t look half bad! I am super impressed! Did they taste good?

  2. eatplaylove Says:

    Ok, here’s a little warning. If you find a recipe that makes 50 of anything, especially a treat for father’s day, I would leave it to the professionals!

    That is an amazing undertaking! I have never heard of rolling cake into balls before, very interesting. Isn’t life so interesting sometimes?!?

    Great effort!

  3. just what ggsmama said. These are great actually. You sure this is not the way they were supposed to turn out? Have you ever seen that Saturday Night Live skit with Alec Baldwin on the Schwedy balls? Youtube it. It should make you laugh.

  4. I’m just impressed you tried to make those. I love seeing everything Bakerella makes, she never fails to make my mouth water. Your pictures look good though, they turned out pretty great! 🙂

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