city livin’…

I wish I could write something witty that would make you all laugh, but I’m not there right now.  Things are tough.  But in saying things are tough I still find a lot of hope and encouragement in my heart. I go back and forth between crying, feeling down and feeling encouraged.  In the end, I feel we are making the right choice for our family.

We decided to rent our house and I certainly have mixed feelings about this.  First, it’s our home but really a home is what you make of your current structure.  If need be, I can make a cardboard box a home.  I am sad to leave our newly remodeled kitchen with top of the line appliances and Berloni cabinets, new master bathroom, front loading HE washing machine & dryer, Petunia’s room I worked so hard on, but mostly the ease of entering and exiting our home with strollers and bikes oh, and our yard. 

Really though, what’s important here is not where we live but that we stay united as a family.  Petunia will most importantly have the love of her parents, a place to live, food, clothes, books and toys.  She won’t even remember this time in her life.  But even if she were older and did remember this, it wouldn’t be so bad.  I would hope it would teach her to appreciate the gifts she is given but also that “things” don’t matter.

So we are moving into a condo with a goal of moving back into our home in a year.  This place is a brand new condo in one of Matt’s many condo conversion projects.  There are certainly some positives in this move.  Our monthly expenses will drop considerably, this place is nice (though smaller than we are used to so a storage unit is necessary), with less expenses I really hope the stress level lowers and maybe the sleepless nights become less frequent.  Because it is smaller (thank God, it’s at least a two bedroom) it will take MUCH less cleaning!  Yea!!!  We are right downtown and within walking distance to a grocery store, coffee shop, several restaurants, Cherry Creek shopping center, our church and the best park in the city! 

So like most of life, we take the good with the bad, have the courage to make the best of every situation and most important live with grace and love.

6 Responses to “city livin’…”

  1. You are SO right — wherever your family is, that’s your home. While you may miss the amenities and homeiness of your house, you may find your little family getting even closer, given the smaller quarters. You are being brave, but you are also entitled to shed some tears.

    I’ll be thinking about you.

  2. I’m sorry you’re having to make such a difficult decision, but I’m glad there are upsides to the new place. And soon enough you’ll be back in your house. I’m sure things will begin to look up. The most important thing is that you and your family are together through it all. You are in my prayers.

  3. If I were in walking distance of Cherry Creek shopping area? Any gains we would make would be lost at Peet’s coffee and shopping it up!!

    I’m sorry that you had to make such a difficult decision, but it IS a blessing that you are with your family…

  4. I don’t handle change very well. You seem to have your mind in the right place. A new place is always exciting. I’ll swap you for my 50 year old place.

  5. Robyn dear: You’ve got the best gift of all besides knowing what the important things in life are – I’m referring to your positive attitude. In super difficult moments (and I’ve been there believe me), few things can mentally hold us up better than the realization that the glass will fill up again . I’m sure will make of your new condo as much a home for you, Petunia and the hubby as you’ve made of your now rented home. You remain in my thoughts. Big hug for you.


  6. I am in complete agreement: home is where your family is, not your street number. You guys are doing what you need to do for the health of your family, it’s all good. It’s always amazed me how much can happen in one year. Just think: P is one year. How quickly did it fly by, and how much change did you see in that one year? Before you know it, you’ll be on to the next adventure together, as a family! (And PS… I grew up in a condo! Turned out just fine. Sure, a backyard would’ve been nice, but no scars otherwise!)

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