An extra tooth?

The last couple of days Petunia has been a little grumpy which is not normal for her but I suspected teething. No problem. I’m getting the signs for teething down and pretty much know how to handle it. She has her two bottom front teeth and two top front teeth. Yesterday, I tried to peek inside her mouth to see evidence of a tooth appearing. What was that? It looks like a tooth might be coming in right behind her right front tooth. Oh, this can’t be good. I call our pediatrician who suggested calling my dentist. I call the dentist and she informs me it is common for kids to have “extra teeth” which is what she thinks might be happening with Petunia. She suggested coming in for x-rays and then if it appears the tooth needs to be removed she will refer me to a pediatric dentist. Of course I went straight to the internet to see what I could find and stumbled across a dentist’s blog. These extra teeth can come in upside down, at 45 degree angles and normally but usually cause problems. I know it can be worse than an extra tooth but I’m still a little anxious about the whole thing. We won’t get x-rays done until next Wednesday so until then, we wait.

4 Responses to “An extra tooth?”

  1. ggsmama Says:

    Wow. Actually I have a friend who’s son started getting a second row of teeth (he’s six). They are actually his adult teeth coming in before his baby teeth fell out, so maybe this is different. It sounds different. There is a pediatric dentist next to my peditrician. I would go there first if it were me, and bypass the regular dentist. I’m freaky about xrays, especially on kids, as is Mark. Let me know what happens. So wierd, poor P.

  2. My little monkey didn’t get teeth after her first 4, forever! Then she burst out with 7 teeth at once, at like 16 months. She still has a rash on her face around her mouth.

    Good luck, children and teeth are very strange things to me.

  3. Good luck, I’ve had dentist/orthodontic nightmares of my own. (that have worked out quite fine) My problem was very rare though, like, 1 in some very large number. It’s somewhat genetic though because my younger brother is already exhibiting similar things…though luckily for him they were already watching for it because of me. I’m sure everything will work out just fine for her, at least you’re catching it really early.

  4. I’m sure everything will be ok. I hope Petunia feels better!!

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