South Beach Diet-Day 1

Day One down (only 13 to go) and boy was it so hard easy. Why would I lie in my blog? I’m not a liar. So I’ll tell the truth straight up. I did really well until about 3 pm and then the need for something sugary hit hard and I caved. I ate some yummy graham cracker sticks. Pure white processed sugar goodness. But you know what all in all I did okay for the first day. I have a new appreciation for folks who are overweight and starting diets. It’s hard. Or smokers quitting cold turkey. Addiction is powerful whether it is addiction to processed sugar, drinking, smoking or porn. Addiction gets a good hold.

So day one wasn’t perfect but by all means it was much better than I have been in recent weeks. I do feel good about it. I’ve also decided I will allow myself a healthy dessert after dinner. There are several reasons behind my decision. 1) I am not severely over weight therefore don’t have to follow this diet as exactly written. 2) I’m weak. 3) I’m afraid if I don’t allow myself a little indulgence at the end of the day I might over indulge and be at square one. 4) Did I mention I’m weak? 5) I have something to look forward to after being “good” all day. 6) Oh and I’m weak. Not afraid to admit that. It might take longer than the token two weeks to lose 8 pounds but I’m okay with that. Really my goal from the beginning was to eat healthier and this book has opened my eyes to that.

Also, I think I’m going to make some modifications in his daily meals. Make them my own but use his guidelines. I know what this dude is getting at. For the first two weeks, I’ll follow his no carbs rule except adding in my desert. I’m sure he has lots of reasons for the no sugar and would probably argue with my decision but I’m doing it anyway.

Here’s an example of what I will be eating for the next two weeks:


6oz vegetable juice-I LOVE tomato juice

Eggs with Canadian bacon and veggies (or some form of this meal)

Coffee with creamer (no sugar)


Mid Morning Snack:

Celery stuffed with Laughing Cow cheese or

Turkey roll ups with chipotle mayo or

12 nuts (any variety) or

Mozzarella cheese stick


Grilled chicken breast on romaine with low sugar salad dressing (or tuna or cob salad-pretty much any salad variation with protein)

Sugar Free Jello for dessert (not a very satisfying dessert)

Mid Afternoon Snack:

Same as mid morning snack


Grilled Salmon (or chicken, steak, other kinds of fish)

Steamed veggies



Vanilla Ricotta Crème or a healthy dessert of my own creation J

5 Responses to “South Beach Diet-Day 1”

  1. Hey Erin!

    I followed your link and was sure it was you, what a pleasant surprise! I love the new look of your blog. Love it!

    I did South Beach after Pea was born. I also modified it since I was nursing her, and I still did really well on it. His ricotta desserts with vanilla in it? Are addictive. After a while, they just might satisfy your need for a treat. Also, I love to end my day with a square of DARK chocolate. It feels indulgent, I can’t eat too much of it because it’s so rich, and I always tell myself that the health benefits of it outweigh anything else.

    We did receive our Puella bags last week, too. I am so glad that you like yours! In the cooler weather, I always throw the dresses on the girls layered over a long-sleeve tee so that we get to wear the fun prints all year long. But I’m so glad that you are pleased with it. I bet you have the best-dressed little girl out there!

  2. Breaking food habits are very difficult, but I think it’s great to have a plan as the backbone to help guide you along!

  3. Hi!

    I followed your link over here and am curious if you’re a Colorado mama? If so, I would love to add you to Mile High Mamas’ blogroll. Drop me an email!

  4. Hey this new site looks cool.

    I think you are doing great. You have to make the diet your own and make slight changes so you can follow it. you go girl.

  5. ggsmama Says:

    But where are the yummy carbs??? None at all??? I’d be dying. You are so not weak. I’m glad to see you keep adjusting your poundage to drop because you really don’t need to drop ANY. But I support your efforts as I said before.
    Have you seen the South Beach website? I just saw it advertised on tv last night.

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