Pass the veggies……

It’s not as bad as I thought. I did it. I stepped on the scale and I only need to drop about 10 lbs. (of pure flab). I even measured my waist, thighs and hips to see if I lose inches. I plan on spending a lot of time at the pool this summer with Petunia and I really don’t want to be concerned with my figure. I’m not looking for a figure like the MILF (not me, personally) Heidi Klum but if the Lord wants me to look like her I would not argue.

So I made the shopping list for the next week and guess what’s on there? A crap load of vegetables, meat, some cheese (low-fat) and eggs. That’s pretty much it.

Ever hear of a glycemic index? A food’s glycemix index is the amount that it increases your blood sugar compared to the amount that the same quantity of white bread would increase it. The foods with lower numbers will cause your blood sugar to rise then fall more slowly then the high numbers. Low-glycemic foods will satisfy your hunger longer and minimize your food cravings better. I took a peak at this glycemic index in the book. Um yeah, pretty much everything I eat has a really high GI. Like 95 and above. See, I told you I had a sugar problem.

So for now no fruit, no graham crackers, no angel food cake, no cookies and no Twizzlers. Even my beloved Cheerios isn’t a great choice. Wow, this Dr. is no fun at all.

My husband said he would do the SB diet with me and then everyday he comes up with another reason why it will be a challenge for him. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Guess he’s not as dedicated as I.

We’ll see how dedicated I’ll be come Monday evening, heck Monday morning for that matter. I do get ricotta cheese with a sugar substitute for dessert, I mean seriously, what’s better than that? Oh, and of course sugar-free jello.

I just keep thinking, it’s only two weeks. That’s nothing. Then of course I can’t go back to the way I ate before. No. That would undo all the good I did. I’ll have to lay off my favorites for a while and eat them sparingly. I think it’s a good eye opener to my poor eating habits. So thank you South Beach. And maybe this year I won’t hate myself in a bathing suit.

4 Responses to “Pass the veggies……”

  1. You can do it Erin!!! And I bet you’ll be surprised how easy it becomes after the first day or so. It doesn’t take long to cut the cravings. And the ricotta dessert is quite delicious. The chocolate flavored one is my favorite. Keep us updated! Good luck, I’m rooting for you!

  2. Gramma Ann Says:

    I rooting for you also. I more or less follow a Mayo Clinic Healthy Food Plan, with a little bit of Weight Watchers thrown in. My problem is sticking within portion size. I think that is because, over the years we have gotten accustom to larger portion sizes.

    I always found the last 10 pounds was the hardest to lose. I hope I’m wrong in your case. How long have you been following the SB diet? I have never tried it.

  3. the mama bird diaries Says:

    Are you going to get super cranky? I’m predicting a sugar withdrawal post. 🙂

    Please explain to us what you are eating. 2 weeks is nothing. you can absolutely do this. Inspire us Erin!!

  4. EatPlayLove Says:

    All the fresh veggies have perfect timing as the farmer’s markets are now open!

    I don’t eat artificial sweetners, so I would have a problem with that. I think a square or two of dark chocolate is much better than the chemicals.

    Good Luck!

    For the record, I don’t own a scale, I am most simply put, a girl who goes by the way my jeans fit.

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