Dear Petunia (month 9 and 10)

Dear Petunia,
These months go so fast. Although sometimes it seems the actual day’s kind of creep but then I find myself sitting down to write about you and I can’t remember. What happened in month 9 or 10? Will this be how it is from now on? You just keep accomplishing things and getting bigger while I’m picking up your messes, giving you hugs and kisses and nurturing you and then suddenly you are in college or married or having your own children and I’m left wondering what happened to my baby. Time slow down, please!

You have done a lot of changing in these two short months. At 9 months it was easy. I could set you down in the living room and come back two hours later and you would be in the same place. Of course I would NEVER do that, just leave you for two hoursJ all alone but if I wanted to I could have. I didn’t realize how easy I had it. Then some time during our trip to Europe you mastered crawling. And when we got back my calm and sane life had been forever changed. Not only did you master crawling but I swear you go about mach 10 especially when you know I’m chasing after you. It’s so cute to watch you crawl around. Your favorite objects to crawl to are of course the dog who ALWAYS growls at you, the remote, dad’s phone and computer and if someone left the baby gate open you are through there in a flash. You can manage the stairs very well; for now of course I’m right behind you.

Not only are you crawling but you are standing up a lot and using anything in your reach to help you accomplish this. I’m proud of you too because I’ve read babies learn to stand but can’t figure out how to get back down. Not you. You figured that out on day one, that’s what that cushioned bottom is for. You simply bend your knees and plop.

Speaking of Europe you can read about that trip in other posts but I just wanted to tell you, you were so great the whole time. You took your first international flight well before your mama or daddy did. I imagine you will be a seasoned traveler soon since we hope to do a trip each year. What a lucky girl. I can’t really say if you enjoyed the trip but I can say your mama and daddy did. You ate crapes and baguettes in France, which you wolfed down (yep, you take after your mama). Once you figured out the time change you did amazingly well sleeping. You did get a cold and tooth #3.

You are working on tooth #4 now. Those two front teeth seem to cause you great pain. I don’t blame you; I can’t imagine how it feels to cut sharp objects through soft gums. The second top tooth seemed extra rough for you and then it was rough for me since you wouldn’t nap and were extra grumpy. Thankfully that lasted only about a week and things seem back to normal now. I have my happy kiddo back for which I am thankful.

You can say ut-oh (I’m not sure how to spell that word but it is like if you were to drop something and say “ut-oh”). It is so cute. Sometimes you will repeat us and sometimes you just say it on your own when you throw things on the floor. More and more you are babbling, although babbling doesn’t seem the correct description because it seems like you are really talking and trying to get your point across.

We enrolled you in another music session and you still love it. This time you won’t sit still so usually I’m singing to myself.

You took your first bike ride in the burley with Daddy. You thought it was okay but you didn’t like the bumpy roads.

Your first birthday is coming up soon. I cannot believe you are almost a year old. I do miss those tiny baby days but at the same time glad they are over. I am thoroughly enjoying watching you learn and grow. You are the joy of my life.

Love, Mama



3 Responses to “Dear Petunia (month 9 and 10)”

  1. ggsmama Says:

    That is so sweet! I kept meaning to write my girls letters for their first birthdays detailing the past year and still haven’t gotten to it but you have made me determined.
    I also miss the tiny baby days sometimes and feel like it was a foggy dream, over before I could grasp it, never to come again and it sometimes makes me ache, knowing that this is how I will feel forever about the next 18 years, the rest of my life. It is good that you take the time to recollect.

  2. What a beautiful letter. She is going to love reading this when she is older. 🙂

  3. What sweet pics. I think there’s good times and hard times at every age — right now I’m loving age 2 (most of the time!)

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