Here I am talking about The South Beach Diet in one post and chocolate in the very next. No wonder I have issues with pudge. I am addicted to chocolate, there’s no doubt about it. So I stopped at Vitamin Cottage today and picked up a bar of my fav. chocolate since in just a few days time I will no longer need this delicious dessert every day. But when the time comes for a treat this will always be my first pick: I hope they sell it in your area so you can enjoy the decadence.

2 Responses to “Chocolove”

  1. Love dark chocolate, at least it’s better for you than milk chocolate, which I don’t entirely care for. (but will eat when all else fails) But chilies? Really? Very interesting. You should try the chocolate ricotta dessert in the South Beach book, it’s quite delicious.

  2. EatPlayLove Says:

    I L O V E chocolove. Target sells it for a steal! You know a square or two of chocolate is not going to hold anyone down! Plus all the antioxidants, it’s justifiable.

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