South Beach, I need help!

I’m struggling with a weighty issue. Actually it is weight, too much of it in certain areas (not enough in others but that’s another post). My extra pounds rest around my hips, butt and thighs and it is really starting to bug me. I don’t want or need to lose a ton at the most 20. Should be pretty easy to accomplish but I’m struggling.

I exercise and I know about nutrition and healthy eating. I have a degree in Nutrition for Pete’s sake. I know. But do I put my knowledge into practice? No. We eat fairly healthy in our home but we could do better. More veggies, less cheese, more fruit, more lean protein, more whole grains and much less sugar (put down those Twizzlers!). I eat dessert every day and I don’t think that’s all bad-maybe (?). I feel if I deprive myself I would over indulge and I certainly don’t want that. I need help with motivation and inspiration.

I hate diets and refuse to “diet”. It’s not healthy or maintainable. But I again I need something to inspire me and to give me meal ideas: super healthy and packed with nutrition meal ideas. So I chose the South Beach Diet. To me it is the healthiest most realistic “diet” but really it teaches/reinforces healthy eating. My brain needs a refresher and it needs to know I can live without sugar.

The plan goes a little like this: Phase One (two weeks): no pasta, bread, rice, potatoes or baked goods (this is what I pretty much live on now no wonder I have a poundage issues) no sugar of course (yikes!) not even fruit. After the first couple of days “they” say the cravings should disappear. I sure hope so or life isn’t going to be so great around here. “They” say after this two week period I should be down 8-13 pounds with most of the weight coming off the midsection. Perfect. If this thing works I will be happy not only to have less flab hanging around but change the way my body thinks I should be eating aka craving sugar 24/7.

Phase two(until goal weight is reached) : introduce all the bread, pasta, rice, sugar and fruit back into meals but with moderation and I might find I don’t even want that sugar any more. Continue to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week until the goal weight is reached. One to two pounds a week is a perfectly realistic weight loss goal for most and it sounds great to me.

Phase three is stage that lasts the rest of my life. Now my body chemistry is altered and doesn’t need those stinking Twizzlers every day. And maybe I won’t need dessert every night too, wouldn’t that be great!

Here’s the caveat. I just went grocery shopping today (of course) so I’m starting this……wait for it… Monday (or whenever I go back to the store sometime next week). Don’t all “diets” start on Monday? At least I’ll be able to finish those Twizzlers and the chocolate milk I got for free from our local dairy (scrumptous). I’ll keep you all posted. Oh, and I have to have the courage to step on the scale so I know where I’m starting from.


6 Responses to “South Beach, I need help!”

  1. EatPlayLove Says:

    ugh, I’ve been feeling the love as well in my bottom. today was my day to start eating better and lay off of decadance, so far so good. I am interested in seeing how the South Beach Diet goes.

    I’ve never followed a diet, except for elimination when nursing my first, I lost a ton of weight, and ate nothing. I cried a lot but I was super skinny! haha…

  2. the mama bird diaries Says:

    I am so addicted to sugar. i eat dessert every night. It’s like my treat. I look forward to hearing more about all this… starting next monday. 🙂

  3. Everyday Yogini Says:

    I know lots of people who have had great success with South Beach… after I hit a plateau after having Clara, I did Weight Watchers Core plan and it was really fabulous! If you didn’t check it out, you may want to… if South Beach doesn’t float your boat, that is!!

  4. ggsmama Says:

    Listen here. Now, because I have actually seen you and know you in real life and not just in a nice garamond font on a blue screen, I can say that scale or no, you DO NOT, CAN NOT, possibly need to lose twenty freakin’ pounds my friend. However, I completely support the urge to eat healthier and exercise more (and need to so myself of course) so if the South Beach looks good, great. In my opinion, which you probably don’t want to hear anymore of right now, you’ve probably been comparing yourself to someone else and focusing on your less than favorite areas but you have such a cute figure that I can’t let you go too overboard (which I’ve also figured out that you might be prone to do.)
    Sugar is a nasty habit though. I used to have more trouble maintaining a weight or a mood that I liked when I was addicted to RedVines, gum balls, Laffy Taffy etc. It totally messed with my blood sugar levels,leaving me craving some nice salty carbs to bring it all back into balance. I found that once I cut out the candy I felt so much more in control of my hunger. I digress. Really, I just want you to know that you truly look great, fit and strong and if you lose twenty pounds I will have to come looking for you in the hospital and I’m really not into hospitals right now.

  5. The cravings really do go away, and you won’t be hungry ever. And you still get sweet things (like the sugar-free jello…quite yummy) It’s really a good diet. I sort of half-hearted started it again, but got thrown off, but my carb intake is still significantly lower since then. When I actually did it a few years ago, I really did lose about 10 pounds relatively quickly, and from the middle. I’ve got about 15 to drop off (got the whole freshman 15 AFTER graduation), I really ought to do the South Beach thing again.

  6. erin! you do not need to lose 20 lbs!!! but, i get the whole healthy thing.

    i say indulge in the chocolate. 🙂

    Love, L.

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