Mother’s Day

This is my first official Mother’s Day and instead of doing the usual brunch (at least that’s what my family always did-not that there is anything wrong with brunch!) I chose to get out and be active. Petunia and I will be doing the Mother’s Day Title 9K in beautiful Boulder CO. A couple of my friends (including ggsmama) will be joining me along with 1800 other mommies out to get some fresh air and good old fashioned exercise. I am looking forward to it. Happy Mother’s Day to all you fantastic mommy bloggers!

5 Responses to “Mother’s Day”

  1. ggsmama Says:

    Happy First Mother’s Day to a great mom and a great friend. Emme is so lucky and is going to have a fantastic life with you and your hubby. I am so happy to have met you this past year and I know our friendship would exist without the mommy connection but it is so fun to share that with you too.Hope tomorrow is extra special!

  2. the mama bird diaries Says:

    That sounds cool. Have a great mother’s day!

  3. Gypsy at Heart Says:

    And the same to you Erin.

  4. GreenStyleMom Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! I have wanted to do that 9K since before we lived in Colorado. Now I live so close, and I have yet to do it! Maybe next year…

  5. Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! I hope you had a great time at the walk, and I hope you had a wonderful day 🙂

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