Alba Botanica

A few years ago I became suddenly aware I needed to take better care of my skin. It hit me like a ton of bricks at about 29. I’m not getting any younger and my skin will be with me until the day I die. I could either go about life as I had for the past 29 years neglecting my skin and one day cry over all my wrinkles or I could start doing something now to keep those wrinkles at a minimum.

I started with Mary Kay. I happen to like the product. It works for me and I like how my skin feels. My esthetician thinks it’s for old women maybe she’s right. For now my face is protected with this. Kelcey over at Mama Bird Diaries talked about Liive Botanicals, organic skin care. I may have to check this out and make the switch. I know she uses it and she is a fabulous New Yorker so it must be great!

That left the rest of my body, again sadly neglected against the sun’s harmful rays. I never remember to use sun block until I feel the sting of a sun burn or notice my skin turning pink. Too late! There’s already damage.

Then I stumbled across this: lotion and SPF 16 in one product by Alba Botanica. I am always looking to simplify my life. To me this is a no brainer. Hopefully my skin appreciates it as much as I.

Alba also makes some fab. lip gloss in coconut cream deliciousness. Tastes as good as it smells. The scent makes me feel like I’m on a beach soaking up the sun listening to the waves crash on the shore. I am also enjoying some snazzy shampoo and conditioner from them as well.

I did a little Internet research on this company and turns out Alba is committed to reducing their footprint to preserve and heal our planet for future generations. The don’t use any petroleum and use organic ingredients. Good stuff this Alba. I might have to use more of their products.

I just hope when I’m older I’ll thank myself for taking care of my skin early.

2 Responses to “Alba Botanica”

  1. Hmm, I may have to check them out. I’ve used a moisturizer and foundation with spf 15 in it since high school, my face loves me for it. Realized the hard way a few years ago that it has also become accustomed to it and burns very easily if I don’t wear it. It’s a sheer foundation though, so it’s really not a big deal. But I definitely paid for it that day I chose not to put it on, with the logic that I was going into the ocean, and it would just be off in 5 minutes anyways.
    And good for you for taking care of your skin. I definitely need to take better care of mine. I’m kind of hit and miss. I read this article about brushing your skin, it was really interesting. I can try and find it if you’d like to read it. It sounded really neat, I just haven’t gotten the right things to try it out.

  2. ggsmama Says:

    You have beautiful skin now and you are smart to do your best for it while you can. I spent way too much time the the California sun growing up and through college to ever be complimented on my skin again and I miss my skin. Mid thirties is when you really start paying the skin piper for sure. (Nothing like seeing yourself and your baby’s face in the mirror either to see how far you’ve slid….)I use mostly Murad products since my sister is a regional rep and gets me stuff for free. Definitely big on the face sunscreen these days too and no more lying in the sun for hours baking myself like a rotiserrie chicken. Sigh. I did like those days. I digress. I will be trying that coconut cream lip gloss by Alba however; sounds delicious and might replace another one of my bad prior habits (candy eating).

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