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“when your first building is a saloon, you know you’re in a friendly town”

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Did anyone see this report on the Today Show?  The 5 friendliest cities in the US.  I am proud to say I live in one of those, I knew we had nice people here!

“Denver has the easygoing and friendly nature indicative of the Midwest. Various cocktail parties sport the ‘Colorado casual’ look, which is everything from sequins and silk to jeans and cowboy boots or stiletto heels.” — Patti Johnson, Denver real estate broker

Interesting facts about my friendly city:

Did you know?

  • Downtown in the Mile High City is one big, car-free “pedestrian mall” lined with shops, bars and restaurants where locals and tourists alike hang out. There’s even a free shuttle bus that runs along the main street. (I do wish this city were a little more bike friendly. I think Denver could improved on that A LOT!)
  • Denver is one of only two cities in America with eight professional sports teams. (Too bad they all suck, right now  wow, that’s awesome!)
  • The first permanent structure in Denver was a saloon. Talk about hospitality. (This is something to be proud of!)
  • A cultural melting pot, Denver hosts the country’s largest Cinco de Mayo festival, the Longs Peak Scottish Festival, the National Gay Rodeo Finals, PrideFest, and it has the Black American West Museum in the historically rich African-American Five Points neighborhood. Its population is 40 percent Hispanic and 10 percent African-American.
  • The city also boasts comprehensive accessibility services like wheelchair-friendly trails and accommodations and transportation services for the physically impaired.
  • Denver will host the Democratic National Convention this August. For the convention, Bikes Belong will supply the city with 1,000 bicycles to be used in a system similar to that in Paris (credit card access; rates are lowest for short jaunts around the city). Seventy will be left behind as a legacy that Denver plans to grow into a city-wide public transportation system of several hundred bikes. (We saw this when we were in Paris, what a great idea!  Plus it will get those lazy politicians out for exercise!)
  • The median single-family home sales price is $223,500. (Believe me when I say this, $223,500 won’t get you much of a house.  But our Real Estate market is way better than the rest of the country currently.)
  • Yay for Denver.  Come visit, we’re friendly.

raked over the coals

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We made a trip to the dentist to get P’s “extra tooth” checked out.  Turns out it is just some super strong tissue in between her front teeth that might need to get clipped when she is older but nothing to concern ourselves with now.  Whew!  That’s good news.  No x-rays and no surgery.  I feel better. 

On our way out the door we stopped to pay and the dude says “It will be $70 for today.”  What? Did you just say SEVENTY DOLLARS?  For two whole minutes with the dentist?  Did she use her disposable golden gloves to inspect my kid’s teeth?  Or was is that Petunia pulled her hair?   I totally get that it’s a new practice but seriously if they want to keep us good customers (with no dental insurance so we pay at each visit, meaning no insurance companies to deal with) I would suggest giving us a break.  I’m totally willing to pay for your time and to make sure my kiddo is healthy but billing $35/minute seems a little extreme.

I’m a little miffed but starting to gain perspective as I’m driving home and I think of a couple of my favorite blogs because they are uplifting and I admire that.  I’m so thankful to have found bloggers like Everyday Yogini and Hugging The Midline.  These two women are an inspiration to me. They keep a positive outlook no matter the circumstances.  So here’s my gratitude practice for today:  Looking on the bright side of things.  We know Petunia is healthy and won’t have to go in for dental work at age one.  I guess I could say I am paying for peace of mind of which there is no monetary value.  So $70, not a big deal in the whole scheme of things.  Thanks ladies.

Belly Dancers and Beer

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We did it! We survived the famous Bolder Boulder, a scenic 10K through the streets of Boulder! Totally last minute we discovered no strollers were allowed in the race so we grabbed the back pack and headed out. It was a cool rainy day but really not too bad. 

Petunia did great considering the last time she was in the pack she screamed her head off for 30 minutes. The gentle rocking put her to sleep for about the first two miles, although she didn’t look too comfy.








We got lots of comments about packing her 6.2 miles, most folks were impressed and Matt was even called out as “Super Dad”, I think carrying her that far he deserved the recognition.  









This is what Petunia thought of the Bolder Boulder.




And what would the Bolder Boulder be without  belly dancers for entertainment?



Along with water and Gatorade there were plenty of stops for alcohol, you could pretty much take your pick.  Beer, beer and more beer or mimosas anyone? Folks were offering bloody Marys and even vodka shots.  We stopped at all of the above (just kidding).



An extra tooth?

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The last couple of days Petunia has been a little grumpy which is not normal for her but I suspected teething. No problem. I’m getting the signs for teething down and pretty much know how to handle it. She has her two bottom front teeth and two top front teeth. Yesterday, I tried to peek inside her mouth to see evidence of a tooth appearing. What was that? It looks like a tooth might be coming in right behind her right front tooth. Oh, this can’t be good. I call our pediatrician who suggested calling my dentist. I call the dentist and she informs me it is common for kids to have “extra teeth” which is what she thinks might be happening with Petunia. She suggested coming in for x-rays and then if it appears the tooth needs to be removed she will refer me to a pediatric dentist. Of course I went straight to the internet to see what I could find and stumbled across a dentist’s blog. These extra teeth can come in upside down, at 45 degree angles and normally but usually cause problems. I know it can be worse than an extra tooth but I’m still a little anxious about the whole thing. We won’t get x-rays done until next Wednesday so until then, we wait.

A new home for Achilles

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I feel awful.  I really do but I also think a new home is the best option for our high maintenance pup.  I knew he was a lot of work but didn’t realize how much until I had a baby.  It’s almost impossible to keep up with the two of them.  I am constantly cleaning messes either from the baby (which I don’t mind) or the dog (which really annoys me).  I usually have to keep them separate somehow which isn’t fair to either one.  Then there is the constant barking and misbehaving on Achilles part.  The days can get exhausting.

I think he is acting out because he is not getting the attention or exercise he wants and needs.  I don’t blame him but I just can’t possibly do it all.  I want him to find a good home where he can run and play, maybe a home with older kids who would play with him all day or a single person or a couple without kids who would take him on walks or runs or to the off leash park every day.  That’s what I imagine for Achilles.  I want him to have the best home a better home than I can provide right now. 

I talked about training him before but the truth is I had to be honest with myself.  I really don’t have or want to take the time to work with him everyday.  So we have him listed with the local Weimaraner Rescue and also craigslist.  I’m really hoping to find a home through the Rescue, they have quite a system including an application, a small fee and a signed contract that if the new adopters give him up he goes back to the rescue and NOT the shelter. 

I’ve received a few inquiries through craigslist but honestly I had to talk these people out of “adopting” him.  One family had a one year old.  Ok.  Um (like I said in my ad) he doesn’t do well with little kids.  But this dude was very persistent.  Finally, I had to tell him it won’t work.

The next woman was a single mom, over-weight (she told me this on the phone), works full time and lives in a condo.  Again, I can already see this won’t fit.  She saw Achilles as her protector being a single mom and all, I can understand wanting a big dog for protection.  But she had this idealized view of a weim. based on a visit with a friend who owned one. And a large dog in a condo?  Not such a good match.  She promised to exercise him every day but even two very active people can’t manage that. 

I feel like I am talking everyone out of “adopting” Achilles and I wonder is it because I can’t let him go or is it I really want to find the very best home for him?  I think it’s the latter although it won’t be easy to let him go, I still cry when I think about him leaving.  In the end, when we find that perfect home, I have to remind myself he will be so much happier and that’s what I truly want.

South Beach Diet-Day 1

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Day One down (only 13 to go) and boy was it so hard easy. Why would I lie in my blog? I’m not a liar. So I’ll tell the truth straight up. I did really well until about 3 pm and then the need for something sugary hit hard and I caved. I ate some yummy graham cracker sticks. Pure white processed sugar goodness. But you know what all in all I did okay for the first day. I have a new appreciation for folks who are overweight and starting diets. It’s hard. Or smokers quitting cold turkey. Addiction is powerful whether it is addiction to processed sugar, drinking, smoking or porn. Addiction gets a good hold.

So day one wasn’t perfect but by all means it was much better than I have been in recent weeks. I do feel good about it. I’ve also decided I will allow myself a healthy dessert after dinner. There are several reasons behind my decision. 1) I am not severely over weight therefore don’t have to follow this diet as exactly written. 2) I’m weak. 3) I’m afraid if I don’t allow myself a little indulgence at the end of the day I might over indulge and be at square one. 4) Did I mention I’m weak? 5) I have something to look forward to after being “good” all day. 6) Oh and I’m weak. Not afraid to admit that. It might take longer than the token two weeks to lose 8 pounds but I’m okay with that. Really my goal from the beginning was to eat healthier and this book has opened my eyes to that.

Also, I think I’m going to make some modifications in his daily meals. Make them my own but use his guidelines. I know what this dude is getting at. For the first two weeks, I’ll follow his no carbs rule except adding in my desert. I’m sure he has lots of reasons for the no sugar and would probably argue with my decision but I’m doing it anyway.

Here’s an example of what I will be eating for the next two weeks:


6oz vegetable juice-I LOVE tomato juice

Eggs with Canadian bacon and veggies (or some form of this meal)

Coffee with creamer (no sugar)


Mid Morning Snack:

Celery stuffed with Laughing Cow cheese or

Turkey roll ups with chipotle mayo or

12 nuts (any variety) or

Mozzarella cheese stick


Grilled chicken breast on romaine with low sugar salad dressing (or tuna or cob salad-pretty much any salad variation with protein)

Sugar Free Jello for dessert (not a very satisfying dessert)

Mid Afternoon Snack:

Same as mid morning snack


Grilled Salmon (or chicken, steak, other kinds of fish)

Steamed veggies



Vanilla Ricotta Crème or a healthy dessert of my own creation J

Hello world!

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It’s me.  I’m different.  I needed a change, you know, change is a woman’s prerogative.  I think change is how I survive.  I like new and different and keeping things fresh so here’s my new home.  Oh, and “follow your folly”, well I stole it from Fat Tire Brewery, but to me it means follow what you love what ever that may be.  Follow your passion.  Follow your hearts desire. Because to others it might be tomfoolery but to you it’s a dream that should not go to waste.

gdiapers, the cutest thing for a baby’s toushie

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I mentioned before about gdiapers. When Petunia was little (like 4 weeks little) I tried them out but it seemed either poo or pee ended up on the outside so I decided to switch to disposable. During my disposable diaper phase I noticed how much artificial coloring was on each diaper and on several occasions that ink appeared on Petunia’s skin. Why does there need to be colorful cartoon characters made of artificial yucky-ness on every single diaper? I was done putting these on my kid. So I tried the gdiapers once again and am totally diggin’ them. They look so cute on her but that’s not the only reason I love these things. They are really easy to use and I love thinking there is no artificial colors and no plastic next to her skin.

For those of you not familiar with gdiapers, they are composed of a washable cotton little g outer pant (that come in adorable colors), a washable snap in liner (you get two per diaper because these can get soiled more frequently) and a plastic free flushable diaper re-fill. Like I said, this re-fill is flushable and it’s easy, so easy. If you don’t choose to flush you can compost or even toss in the trash. They will decompose in 90 days, so much better than the 500 years it takes disposable diapers to decompose. I’ve washed and re-washed the other little g pant and liners many times and they are still in perfect condition. And I just found you can purchase the refills on, you can also get a starter kit there which comes with everything you need to test these cute diapers out.

Even this pretty woman loves them:

Here’s Julia (from the Vanity Fair Interview above):

“I use Seventh Generation [chlorine-free, nontoxic] diapers for Finn and Hazel, and then I was turned on to the [plastic-free, flushable] gDiapers. Henry’s got a gDiaper on.… I would recommend them overall. It is flushable, but you’ve got to stir that thing! If you don’t really break it all the way up, it doesn’t go all the way down.”

So if you are feeling guilty about filling our landfills or just want something more natural give these a try. Click here to read why gdiapers are good for our planet.

G fact: Last year alone, 18-23 billion diapers went into landfills across America. That works out to be approximately 38,000 every minute and adds up to about 3.5 million tons of waste! (from gdiapers website)

PS I sound like a commercial. I assure you I am not. I just love these things!


Cardboard Box

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Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse than this. I learn we could have our house taken. There’s nothing like the thought of a bank taking your house to make a person feel like throwing up. That’s exactly how I felt when Matt came home and told me the bank his company has several construction loans with is upset (and rightfully so) they are not getting paid. With condo sales down the tube there just isn’t any money to pay the bank with. So the folks at the bank took a peak at Matt’s and two others personal financial statements finding assets for collateral. Awesome. At least the bank Pres. (who is a very nice lady) had the decency to cry.

It looks like we’ll keep our house for now. They might take our personal rental properties but as far as I concerned that’s way better than the house where we live. Sigh. If you feel so moved a prayer or two would feel nice.

Matt keeps telling me most well known companies had to go something like this before things got better.

Take Starbucks for example. Howard Schultz was about to take his first family vacation in years and just before boarding the plane he gets a call from his company. There had been a huge freeze in coffee bean land and price per pound is steadily increasing. So Howard canceled his vacation and decided to purchase several years supply of beans only to find a few weeks later the price fell. Now he was stuck with years of coffee beans at a very expensive cost but he could not pass this onto the consumer.

You’ve heard of a small company called FedEx? Well, apparently the CEO, Fred Smith, once went to Vegas to make payroll.

Heard of EchoStar? They are based in Colorado and the company is doing well. In 2003 alone raked in 5 billion. Billion. Things didn’t start out so well for Charles Ergen either. After putting his life savings into two satellite dishes he was ready to test them out. He drove to the top of Lookout Mountain for their maiden voyage and a huge wind gust took them both out of his truck and smashed them on the road. He was able to salvage one and the rest is history. Billion dollar history.

I’m not saying our company will be anything like Starbucks, FedEx or Echostar but this is the bottom and we only can go up from here. If not there’s always Vegas and cardboard boxes.



Pass the veggies……

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It’s not as bad as I thought. I did it. I stepped on the scale and I only need to drop about 10 lbs. (of pure flab). I even measured my waist, thighs and hips to see if I lose inches. I plan on spending a lot of time at the pool this summer with Petunia and I really don’t want to be concerned with my figure. I’m not looking for a figure like the MILF (not me, personally) Heidi Klum but if the Lord wants me to look like her I would not argue.

So I made the shopping list for the next week and guess what’s on there? A crap load of vegetables, meat, some cheese (low-fat) and eggs. That’s pretty much it.

Ever hear of a glycemic index? A food’s glycemix index is the amount that it increases your blood sugar compared to the amount that the same quantity of white bread would increase it. The foods with lower numbers will cause your blood sugar to rise then fall more slowly then the high numbers. Low-glycemic foods will satisfy your hunger longer and minimize your food cravings better. I took a peak at this glycemic index in the book. Um yeah, pretty much everything I eat has a really high GI. Like 95 and above. See, I told you I had a sugar problem.

So for now no fruit, no graham crackers, no angel food cake, no cookies and no Twizzlers. Even my beloved Cheerios isn’t a great choice. Wow, this Dr. is no fun at all.

My husband said he would do the SB diet with me and then everyday he comes up with another reason why it will be a challenge for him. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Guess he’s not as dedicated as I.

We’ll see how dedicated I’ll be come Monday evening, heck Monday morning for that matter. I do get ricotta cheese with a sugar substitute for dessert, I mean seriously, what’s better than that? Oh, and of course sugar-free jello.

I just keep thinking, it’s only two weeks. That’s nothing. Then of course I can’t go back to the way I ate before. No. That would undo all the good I did. I’ll have to lay off my favorites for a while and eat them sparingly. I think it’s a good eye opener to my poor eating habits. So thank you South Beach. And maybe this year I won’t hate myself in a bathing suit.