green thumb don’t fail me now…..

We spent last weekend working in our yard even in the snow. I’m a fair weather landscaper/yard worker. It has to be 65 and sunny before I’ll venture outside. My husband on the other hand is what I like to call either “a slave driver” or “a go getter”. Either way he wasn’t going to let 40 degree temps and snow keep him (or me) from our work.

I’ll let him slide on the slave driver part since I was the one who suggested we get all this done before Petunia’s one year birthday party.

We have quite the task ahead of us to put it mildly. There are several spots of landscaping bark we removed and have yet to remove. I’m not super keen on landscaping bark. It just doesn’t look good for long especially when you have the world’s rowdiest dog underfoot. His goal in life other than to annoy me is to spread bark all over the yard. So it’s going-the bark, not the dog-but I wouldn’t mind if it were both.

We also ripped out an old and sad looking hydrangea bush (okay Matt did) I watched. Here is that old bush going to a new home. The dump.

And in it’s place we planted a cute little crab apple tree (non-fruit bearing). I am so proud of this tree. It’s the first tree I have ever planted.

We tore out some sad rose bushes as well and in their place planted grass seed and if the dog would stop running through this spot we should have some nice grass shoots soon!

This weekend our goal is to remove the rest of the bark (there is a ton in the back!) and plant some super cool ornamental grass in front of our picket fence. Oh, and another awesome job my husband gave me was to paint the picket fence. Gee honey, can I really paint the fence? You are so kind!
We are also going to plant flowers and herbs here. This little patch of dirt sits in front of our porch. I’m excited to load it up with flowers.

The sprouts in the pot below are lavendar. My first little green sprouts.

To be continued……

2 Responses to “green thumb don’t fail me now…..”

  1. Wait, is your husband’s name Tom Sawyer??

  2. You’ve got a full slate of yard work, I’d say! I’m sure the final product will be worth it all. The tree looks fab; that’ll be so pretty. I went through the garden center today (Echters), smelled roses (for real). It looks so at-the-ready, this garden center, just waiting for a few more warm days and the weekend before the crowds graze through the place.Hope the fence painting is going well, ughh.

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