Zen Mom

What kind of mom are you? Me? I’m a Zen mom. Funny thing is I really wouldn’t classify myself as a Zen mom. I might squeak 7 or 8 out of 10 times as a Zen mom but those two or three out of 10 not zen at all. Downright scary in fact.

As I was driving home from yoga this morning feeling all relaxed and peaceful I thought how can I be a better mom? How can I be less reactive, more in the moment and be the mom P needs and deserves? My only thought was to slow down, take each moment as it comes and do only ONE task at a time (instead of tackling 4 at a time like all moms do) therefore doing that one task well.

Zen mom? I’m not sure but I’m trying. Take this quiz and see what kind of mom you are.



At the end of this quiz you have to answer “no” to some ads before you will get your mommy classification but other than that it’s short and fun. Tell me what kind of mom you are.


One Response to “Zen Mom”

  1. I would take it, but I’m not a mom, so I’m guessing it doesn’t apply to me? But it DOES sound like a fun quiz. 🙂

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