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green thumb don’t fail me now…..

Posted in landscape design with tags on April 30, 2008 by erin

We spent last weekend working in our yard even in the snow. I’m a fair weather landscaper/yard worker. It has to be 65 and sunny before I’ll venture outside. My husband on the other hand is what I like to call either “a slave driver” or “a go getter”. Either way he wasn’t going to let 40 degree temps and snow keep him (or me) from our work.

I’ll let him slide on the slave driver part since I was the one who suggested we get all this done before Petunia’s one year birthday party.

We have quite the task ahead of us to put it mildly. There are several spots of landscaping bark we removed and have yet to remove. I’m not super keen on landscaping bark. It just doesn’t look good for long especially when you have the world’s rowdiest dog underfoot. His goal in life other than to annoy me is to spread bark all over the yard. So it’s going-the bark, not the dog-but I wouldn’t mind if it were both.

We also ripped out an old and sad looking hydrangea bush (okay Matt did) I watched. Here is that old bush going to a new home. The dump.

And in it’s place we planted a cute little crab apple tree (non-fruit bearing). I am so proud of this tree. It’s the first tree I have ever planted.

We tore out some sad rose bushes as well and in their place planted grass seed and if the dog would stop running through this spot we should have some nice grass shoots soon!

This weekend our goal is to remove the rest of the bark (there is a ton in the back!) and plant some super cool ornamental grass in front of our picket fence. Oh, and another awesome job my husband gave me was to paint the picket fence. Gee honey, can I really paint the fence? You are so kind!
We are also going to plant flowers and herbs here. This little patch of dirt sits in front of our porch. I’m excited to load it up with flowers.

The sprouts in the pot below are lavendar. My first little green sprouts.

To be continued……


Posted in doing some good, famous people, Oprah with tags , on April 29, 2008 by erin
Doing some good……
I happened to catch Selma Hayek on Oprah some time ago and she was talking about Pampers & UNICEF teaming up to provide tetanus vaccines to those at risk. Just by purchasing a specially marked pack of Pampers you are giving one vaccine to a mom in a developing world. Remember diapers make great shower gifts!

Martin Child

Posted in movies with tags on April 27, 2008 by erin

Have you had the pleasure of seeing this movie yet? If not I suggest the next time you watch one watch this. What a heartwarming little charmer of a movie. About accepting people as they are, unconditional love, about being abandoned then learning to love again and giving your heart fully.

Favorite line: “Why can’t you just be who we want you to be?”

Favorite scene: “Nice Talk”



Zen Mom

Posted in personality, quiz with tags on April 27, 2008 by erin

What kind of mom are you? Me? I’m a Zen mom. Funny thing is I really wouldn’t classify myself as a Zen mom. I might squeak 7 or 8 out of 10 times as a Zen mom but those two or three out of 10 not zen at all. Downright scary in fact.

As I was driving home from yoga this morning feeling all relaxed and peaceful I thought how can I be a better mom? How can I be less reactive, more in the moment and be the mom P needs and deserves? My only thought was to slow down, take each moment as it comes and do only ONE task at a time (instead of tackling 4 at a time like all moms do) therefore doing that one task well.

Zen mom? I’m not sure but I’m trying. Take this quiz and see what kind of mom you are.


At the end of this quiz you have to answer “no” to some ads before you will get your mommy classification but other than that it’s short and fun. Tell me what kind of mom you are.


Delicious Indeed!

Posted in cooking, Deceptively Delicious, petunia with tags on April 23, 2008 by erin

Last Christmas I was given the cookbook Deceptively Delicious you know the one written by Jessica Seinfeld. I filed it away in the cabinet along with my other cookbooks nothing against it just thought the recipes were a little advanced for my 6 month old at the time. I totally spaced that I owned this treasure until last week when I reacquainted myself with Mrs. S the chef (she doesn’t mind when I call her that) and started using her recipes.

You probably know the concept behind her recipes and hence the title of the cookbook, Deceptively Delicious meaning fool your kids into thinking they are eating something fun and kid like but it’s loaded with purees like sweet potato or yellow squash or spinach so in reality it’s healthier than say Jamba Juice even with the vita boost! I like her thinking and I like that her recipies are already loaded with veggies and fruit and are low fat but then you add more nutiriton. Brilliant! So really you are teaching your kids to eat healthy.

Anyway, I have used this cookbook for every meal and some snacks this week and I am so pleased. The recipes are quick and easy and if you make your purees a head of time you’re in even better shape.

So far I have made the Lemon Blueberry Muffins (with yellow squash puree), French Toast (with sweet potato puree or you can use banana, pineapple or squash), Macaroni and Cheese (with white bean puree) and for the rest of the week we are having Tuna Salad in Pita Pockets (with cauliflower puree), Beef Stew (with broccoli puree) and Twice Baked Potatoes (with cauliflower puree). Not only healthy for kids but awesome for adults too!

We spent the afternoon outside yesterday enjoying the beautiful sunshine and Petunia had a Lemon Blueberry Muffin as a snack. One disclaimer on these muffins. The blueberries make a huge mess as you can see the evidence on her pants. What you can’t see is blueberry residue was EVERYWHERE! On her hands, face and feet, the blanket and all over my hands. But it was worth the mess she loved them, they are healthy and I know they pack an extra punch of vitamins. Yeay Mrs. S.!

Does anyone know how to get blueberry stains off clothes. I sprayed with Shout and washed like normal and it looks as though these stains aren’t going anywhere. Any tips?
****2nd update***
I couldn’t find Biz-which was suggested by ggsmama-at my Targhetto but I did find baby oxy clean and wouldn’t you know the stains are gone. That stuff is awes(ome).

Last stop Edinburgh, Scotland

Posted in Scotland, traveling with tags , on April 21, 2008 by erin

I’m getting bored of my trip ramblings but I thought I should finish up so I can look back and read and remember. So here we are the last few days of the trip……

The train ride from London to Edinburgh was beautiful with views of quaint English villages, lush green pastures, a few peeks at the rocky shore of the North Sea and even a lighthouse. We arrived in Edinburgh on Easter Sunday so just about everything was closed except bars and depressing cafes. Since we really hadn’t eaten anything substantial all day we chose to eat at the depressing café. Complete with homeless people and those who probably didn’t have family to spend Easter with.

The next day was warm and sunny and we ventured to the Royal Mile and the Edinburgh Castle. For those of you who have never heard of the Royal Mile it is the popular name for the succession of streets from the main thoroughfare of Edinburgh’s Old Town. And as the name suggested the Royal Mile is approx. one Scottish Mile long (what the heck is one Scottish Mile?) and runs between the Edinburgh Castle at the top down to Holyrood Abbey- a ruined Augustinian Abby (rood mean cross “Holy Cross”). The Edinburgh Castle dates from the early 12th century and around the 1300 was inhabited by my ancestor Robert I, King of Scots aka Robert the Bruce who was known as one of Scotland’s greatest kings, as well as one of the most famous warriors of his generation and he helped lead Scotland to independence.

That day we ate lunch at The Elephant House. The Elephant House bills itself as “The Birthplace of Harry Potter”, because this is where the author J.K. Rowling often “mulled over a coffee writing her first Harry Potter novel while her baby napped.” They have a nice view of Edinburgh Castle out the back window. The castle is said to have inspired some of her story.Our last day in Europe was met with wind and driving rain but we set out anyway to view the Royal Yacht Britannia which is moored as an exhibition shop at the Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland. It was much smaller than I thought a Royal Yacht would be but it was built in the 50’s so maybe back then it was considered large. Britannia logged over a million nautical miles. The Yacht was designed to be converted into a hospital ship in the time of war but this never happened. During her career as the Royal Yacht she conveyed the Queen, other members of the Royal Family and various dignitaries on around 700 foreign visits. The Prince of Wales and Diana took a honeymoon cruise aboard Britannia in 1981. She also evacuated over 1,000 refugees from the civil war in Aden in 1986.

All in all it was a good trip and I am so glad we mustered up the courage to travel with an infant. I’m done with planes and traveling for 25 hours straight for a while so next year we are staying state side because there is so much to see in our very own country!


Life with Achilles

Posted in achilles with tags on April 18, 2008 by erin

I think of myself as a responsible pet owner. I do all the normal things any responsible pet owner would do like picking up after him when he poos on walks, distract him when the mailman comes to the house (because his barks sound like he would like to tear out the poor man’s heart), annual visits to the vet unless he manages to injure himself in-between then we might have multi annual trips to the vet. He once broke two toes in three places and had to wear a cast for 8 weeks. He is current on all medication and shots and he gets walks and runs throughout the week (I could step this part up a bit) even a visit to the Platte River or Chatfield Dog Park once in a while. He will soon be the recipient of some expert doggie training.

You would think because of all the nice things we do for him he would be the most grateful dog and just be good instead of insisting that he nap on the couch or getting into the trash or eating any morsel that might have accidently been left in his sight.

The other day I had to go to the post office. Going to the post office could be a post all in itself. I can see why it’s called “going postal” but I won’t bore you with my complaints about the post office. Suffice it to say I try to never go but it couldn’t be helped this time. It was necessary.

So anyway after what I would call a very painful trip to the post office I returned home to find Achilles greeting me at the door with his ears down and a look on his face that says “guilty”. If you are a dog owner you know the look. What I don’t get is if he knows he is guilty why doesn’t that stop him from doing the bad deed in the first place?

Then I see crumbs all over my living room carpet. Funny, I swear I put all the food away so his greedy little paws wouldn’t touch anything. I am curious, what did he eat? I walk a bit further into my home and see more evidence of his greed, crumbs on the cork floor and even on the couch! He had the gall to not only sneak food he wasn’t supposed to but he ATE IT ON THE COUCH! I search the kitchen but still can’t figure out what he ate….and then it hit me, there was a full box of dog bones in the closet and I forgot to shut the door. I walk to the said closet and yup, he ate about half the box. I am not sure what stopped him from eating the entire box, whether it was my return from the post office or his tiny pea brain kicked in and said, “Wow, my tummy is getting really full maybe I should stop eating these bones.” My bet is on my return as I have never seen an example of his brain working.

I then reap the benefits of his bad behavior when I get to smell his awful gas for the next two days and when he had to go out for two emergency potty trips at 2am and then again at 3 am.

This morning I was not however a responsible pet owner. On our morning run he had to go potty and his system is so screwed up from the binge his poo was pretty much goo (liquid-y watery goo) sorry for the vivid picture this might paint in your mind. There was no way I was going to even attempt to pick this goo up. Thankfully it was on a side yard full of weeds. Sorry to whoever might call that weed filled patch their yard.

That my friends is in a nutshell “life with Achilles”.


White then Red

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The Details:

I have lived in CO most of my life.

CO gets something like 360 days of sun a year.

When I didn’t live in CO I resided in WY (with the exception of some time in ID).

WY also gets tons of sun a year (ID not so much).

I am of Swedish, German and Scottish decent.

My skin is white!

It was the first warm day of spring.

In fact it was downright HOT!

I am an adult with a functioning brain.

I stayed out too long WITHOUT sunscreen.

My once white skin is now VERY VERY RED (even my knee caps were burned)!

Three days later my sunburn still hurts.

Maybe my brain is not functioning as it should.

I have invested in large quantities of sun block.


And oh yeah we went to London

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I thought I should post about the last 6 days of our trip because if I don’t do it soon it will be gone from my brain and I can’t just leave you all hanging and saying “when is she going to tell me about the final days of her trip? I’m just sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation.”
Okay, you might not be saying this to yourself but please don’t tell me.

The next stop in our whirl wind tour of Europe was London. Getting to London from Northern France proved a difficult task. We had two options. Option One: two hour train ride BACK to Paris and then another 4 hour train ride to London (through the Chunnel) sounds interesting. Option Two: Ride a HUGE ferry across the English Channel to Portsmouth, England and then take a 2 hour train ride into London. We chose option two and it turned out to be the perfect choice. This ferry was the largest boat I have been on in my 30 years of life. Now, I have never been on a cruise and I imagine those ships would put this one to shame but I was pretty pleased with this ferry. There were 11 floors, a game room, bar, two movie theatres, a restaurant, free motion sickness meds (and yes I had to take them) and plenty of room for Petunia to crawl around. And in 6 hours we arrived on land only to board a train that in two hours delivered us to Waterloo Station in London. By the time we reach our apartment we had been traveling for 13 hours and everyone was exhausted!

We only had two days in London not near enough time to see all the amazing sights and museums! On top of that Petunia got a whopper of a cold so we only went sightseeing part of each day and the weather was just what you would imagine for London weather foggy, rainy, windy and cold not optimal weather for an infant with a cold.

The first day we took a stroll through the streets of London and we passed Top Shop! Then we ventured onto Big Ben and Westminster Abby and the Houses of Parliament. The second day we saw the Royal Palace and then onto the very important sight of Harrods. I keep thinking I need to get back to London someday to see everything we missed but in reality there are so many other places I want to see London might just have to wait awhile.

The following day we rode a train 5 hours north to Edinburgh……. (to be continued)

**Air France finally came through for us! They are paying the full price of the stroller plus an extra $100.00 because my husband was such a pain in their ass and called them everyday. Here’s to persistence.

Day in Dirt

Posted in exercise, landscape design, spring with tags , on April 11, 2008 by erin

Tuesday was a glorious day in my town. Yesterday not so much (snow) today a tad better but by Monday in the SEVENTIES!! WHOO HOO! But back to Tuesday; the day began with my stroller mamas exercise class outside! FINALLY! I officially got my bootie kicked and the soreness has set in so walking or bending over causes me to feel those muscles I seemed to have neglected this winter. But I loved it. So did Petunia because at the end of class she was freed from the stroller to roll around in the grass and even eat a few blades.

But what made this day even better was the fact I got a couple of hours in my yard. My sad depressing yard is getting a makeover this year and I’m super pumped. We worked diligently on the inside of our house (and of course things are never done but so close) but we’ve yet to touch the outside and it shows. So this spring and summer if you should come a knocking you will find us outside raking, hoeing, trimming, planting, tearing up, laying stone, and ripping out bushes, fixing the fence and so much more. I’m thinking I’ll be pretty tan by the time June rolls around! Plus I need to hone these landscaping skillz I am acquiring and what better place to start than my very own yard.

****here’s a side note: my NCAA bracket pretty much stunk up the place by the time the final four rolled around. Guess I was a bit more focused on packing than what team was packing the heat. Oh well, there’s always next year. And of course the year I didn’t pick the Jay Hawks was the year they dominated. What a game! By the way what does Rock Chalk Jay Hawks even mean?

Happy Weekend!