Parle vous huh?

French is such a pretty language. They all sound so happy when they speak. My two years of French isn’t really cutting it. I get a word here or there. Piscine*a swimming pool. Bibliothèque*a library. And yeah, that’s about it. Oh, well of course Merci and Bonjour.

Today started with two kids getting stuck in an elevator. On Easter Sunday. Great. Glad one of them was not mine.

After we got the kids out of the elevator, thanks to a very nice french man, we did a bunch of touristy things. Traveling with another family we are not always free to do exactly what we want. We hit the Eiffel Tower again in hopes of better weather. It was a beautiful sunny and windy day but a little chilly. Unfortunately for us we couldn’t make it to the top with Petunia.

I’m finding that I prefer to peruse the streets of a city instead spending all my time with a thousand other tourists. I enjoy peaking at sites like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées but not stick around for too long, take the token photo and get out of there. Man there are a lot of tourists here. Of course the Champs was the big event for my husband who is a cyclist and any cyclist is a huge Tour de France fan.

We have found the metro system here is very confusing and huge and getting a stroller in and out takes two people. The metro here is much cleaner than Rome.

Oh and baguette, check
croissant, check
more crepes, check
cappuccino, check

Next we venture to Normandy and then onto London. I hope we will still have computer access in London. If not from our place, an Internet cafe. It will be interesting traveling in a foreign country that speaks the same language. Petunia is enjoying the French formula and diapers. Oh, and still waking from 10 to 1. And me, not really sleeping. My time clock is still messed up but really, why do I need sleep? I’m in Paris.

5 Responses to “Parle vous huh?”

  1. Gypsy at Heart Says:

    Precisely. Not a moment to waste. There will be time for sleep later. Don’t forget to at least visit a food market! You have to shop for foodstuffs like a local. Haggle for cheese and bread. Buy some cured meats for a sandwich and then sit at a park somewhere and eat what you bought. Keep enjoying.

  2. Hoping you get some sleep. And more croissant. 🙂

  3. Good thing you have croissants and baguettes to keep your strength up! I’d much rather wander the streets at a leisurely pace than be behind a tour group in a museum, having to look at what the guide wants you to be looking at.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your trip!

  4. the mama bird diaries Says:

    So fun to hear about your trip!
    I LOVE London. Enjoy.

  5. Everyday Yogini Says:

    We are on the same continent!

    I find that sort of satisfying, for whatever reason…

    Enjoy yourself! AND thank you for sharing your trip here!

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