Paris Day Two

I love this city. I love that we were entirely lost the fist day wandering the streets until we found our little apartment. Our place is in the first arrondissements pretty much the heart of the city. Very close to the Louvre. The second day we start to recognize some land marks around our place and visit some little french bistros and by the end of the day we have scouted out a market for fresh pasta, one for bread, one for fruit and veggies and another for diapers, wipes and other necessary baby items. We of course stopped by a crape stand which I hope to visit again and again. Petunia LOVED the crapes, and loved might be an understatement. We made it to the Louvre, holy cow is that place huge. Another understatement. It took several hours to finally reach the Mona Lisa, which is really small, I thought the painting would be much larger. All in all a great day aside from the once again 10pm to 1am waking for Petunia, this time we learned though. We got up and played with her until she was sleepy again.

2 Responses to “Paris Day Two”

  1. How crazy you are in France! Sounds like you are “tres jolie” and having lots of fun. Eat a baguette for me. Oh, and a croissant. Oh, and drink a cappucino.

  2. I think I’ll just keep writing the same thing in response to your lovely travel blog…….”I am so envious!” The Louve? You’re killing me. Fresh bread? stop.
    Happy Easter. I hope you have another fantastic day.

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