The Big Adventure

Like the title says engaging in risky, dangerous and uncertain experiences and living to blog about it. I’m nervous, my palms are sweaty and my heart is beating a thousand miles an hour. It might be the 12 cups of coffee I just drank and the fact that I didn’t sleep well or it could be our trip is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. Yikes! I’m so nervous but excited too. I just realized we will be in Paris on our 7 year anniversary. How romantic.

I will miss all my blogging buddies. Forgive my blog for going dormant for a while and forgive me for not commenting on all your fabulous blogs. We usually scout out some internet cafés while overseas and we might have a computer in the places we are staying so I will post some traveling updates and maybe even get a chance to read your blog. I will be back soon to enlighten you about sports or bikes and other silly but yet VERY necessary stuff. Bon Voyage!


5 Responses to “The Big Adventure”

  1. My palms are sweaty just thinking about YOUR trip! Have a safe and wonderful time. I hope that the traveling part goes well and that Petunia makes a good travel companion.

    Can’t wait to hear/read all about it when you get back! Bon voyage!

  2. Oh have a fabulous time!! Take LOTS of pictures 🙂 Safe travels, I’m looking forward to hearing about them when you get back!

  3. Melissa the Mouth Says:

    Happy travels! Have a wonderful time and I look forward to reading about your European Adventure when you return.

    Take a deep breath…

  4. the mama bird diaries Says:

    Have a fab fab trip!

  5. Everyday Yogini Says:

    Have a fabulous time! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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