I felt like a grown up. I wore my fancy jeans, heels, dressy black pea coat and smeared on lip-gloss. I left my kid in the capable hands of her nana and papa (they even got her to giggle; she hasn’t even done that for me yet! Boo!) And I spent a night on the town with my husband. An actual date. Something we have not done since Petunia was born. And it was blissful. We ate at a grown up restaurant, not a kid in sight. Sipped our wine while we chatted about topics I haven’t addressed in months. For an appetizer; we ordered Monsoon dumplings: filled with chicken, ginger and garlic in deluxe sauce. For dinner; it was Portobello Napoleon served with grilled tomatoes and balsamic onions, mash potato, goat cheese, spinach and basil. Heaven. The best meal I have had in a LONG time. After the leisurely dinner (imagine that, leisurely) we walked to a historic movie theater. It’s my favorite theatre; I almost won’t go to a movie if it isn’t playing here. This is the type of theater where people “get into” the movie and I love it. We saw Juno, finally. Probably the last people on earth to see this terrific sleeper hit. Maybe it’s not so sleeper any more. LOVED IT! I couldn’t have asked for a better flick to watch. Witty, funny, heartwarming all rolled into a little movie that could. It was a perfect night. Like I said, I felt “adult” once again. And today, I’m back to rolling on the floor with P and acting like a child, but I wouldn’t change that for anything. And when the opportunity for date night arises once again, well, we will cherish every moment.


2 Responses to “Deluxe”

  1. Everyday Yogini Says:

    Sounds like a fabulous, perfect night out!! I am putting Juno on my netflix list. You must be the 10th blogger that’s mentioned it!

  2. OK, this is scary. Hubby and I had a date night a couple of weeks ago (the first one in, um, FOREVER) and we saw Juno too!! After a lovely dinner, of course!

    Didn’t it feel nice to be a grown-up again? And wasn’t it awesome to go home and take a look at Petunia all snug in her bed/crib without you having to do the work?

    Here’s to hoping your next date night isn’t too far away!

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