name change

We’ve decided to change our baby’s name. Luckily for us it’s only her nick name so no formal papers need to be processed-whew-filing papers in some downtown government office, yeah, that would take me at least 6 months before I managed to get it done. This nick name is what we call her 99% of the time, in fact, I seriously doubt she will use her full name much unless she is running for president or is the Secretary of state or a judge. 🙂

Another bonus in this name change game, we are only changing the spelling, not the actual name, the new spelling is closer to her actual name and just seems to make more sense. See it’s not as bad as it sounds and since she’s only 8 months (almost 9) we won’t even have to go around to schools and teachers and coaches and whoever else to notify them, nope the only thing we have to fix is her name on the wall. Easy peasy.

I do have a concern with this change though. I have heard through the blogging grapevine a certain celebrity might potentially if the stars align just right use a form of this same name and if they did we look like copy-catters. Just to clarify we have been pondering this for a while. Am I stressing over something that I shouldn’t, probably. Who cares what celebs name their kids, maybe they copied me. Ha, ever think of that? And I guess if people think we are copiers that’s okay too. Maybe Petunia will feel cool to have the same name as this other famous kid could potentially have. Maybe this celeb won’t name their baby this and all will be right with the world. Maybe I shouldn’t even stress about something so not worthy of stress, there, I’m done and her name is now spelled the new way and I like it.

3 Responses to “name change”

  1. You’re killing me! Give a hint please. Who is the celeb?

  2. I know, I know. Just tell me – does it end with an “e”? 🙂

    Loved seeing you today>

  3. Everyday Yogini Says:

    Agree with the other posters. WHAT IS IT???

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