The White Picket Fence

A couple of posts ago I said something about moving to a smaller town. It’s true. I’ve gotta say it. I want to move to a smaller community. Not too much smaller though, I don’t want to go insane, I just don’t do well in a “small town”. I know the exact town I want to move to, its population is around 125,000 full of college kids and spunk. Bike trails and breweries (this is exciting because it’s the best brewery in the world), a great yoga studio, cute little downtown with fun boutiques and Mary’s Mountain Cookies (YUM!), perfect weather, close to mountains, good schools, community minded, we could live in a new home that doesn’t need work-this town has it all.

I want P to be able to ride her bike on our street, even around our neighborhood without the fear of losing her to a weirdo or speeding car (I know this could happen anywhere-even a small town) as I am dreaming about this particular town and wishing we could move something hit me:

We can’t move right now. Maybe in 5 years but right now my husband’s startup company needs him on daily even hourly basis, nothing gets accomplished unless he’s there and I don’t want him commuting, we’d never see him and that’s no fun.

Then I remembered my goals I wrote down while sitting at Starbucks 6 years ago with my hubby. We were setting our goals for the next 5 to 10 years, what we want to accomplish as a couple, as a family, financially, where we wanted to live etc.

Some of my most important goals were….. To stay at home with my kids (check), have one (+) kiddos (check), to live in a nice house (almost there-just thousands more in remodeling!), live in a great town (check) and be able to walk my kid to school (wouldn’t that be so nice?).

Now, at 8 months P is obviously not in school yet but I’ve already started to wonder where the heck we will send her. Enter the smaller town along with safety; I know their school system is great. Public school around here in not an option-too scary, bad test scores etc.

Then I found out the elementary school just two blocks from my house implemented an International Baccalaureate program a couple of years ago and while I will have to do a lot of research to make sure this could be the school for us it’s pretty exciting to know I just might be able to walk my kid to elementary school.

I, then, started thinking about my town, my house and basically my life here in this place I call home. Since I know we can’t move for a while, I began thinking of all the things I love about this town. You know -if-you-can’t-have-what-you-want-make-the-best-of-what-you-have-type-of-thinking. It’s not hard to “make the best” of what we have here, actually if I think about it our town is pretty great and I would totally miss it if we moved.

If we left Petunia wouldn’t have the chance to be towed up Lookout Mountain behind her daddy’s road bike. She wouldn’t eat Liks ice cream on a hot summer day, or play at the play ground in Wash Park, or ride her bike on the Platte River bike path, or walk up to Heidi’s for lunch, or play with her friends G&G, or take her pooch to The Railyard Dogs Dog Park, or browse the Tattered Cover Book Store for the perfect book and that would be sad. I want her to experience all that I love about this town, even our 100 year old falling apart house. So for now, I will put the dream of a smaller town behind me and make this place we call home the very best home I possibly can, Petunia deserves that.

5 Responses to “The White Picket Fence”

  1. GreenStyleMom Says:

    Is there more than one Mary’s Mountain Cookies? The one I’m thinking of isn’t in a college town… I luuuuv those cookies! I might get me one this weekend.

    You could always move south to a great college town nestled up against the mountains. I know a great playgroup you could join! *wink*

  2. greenstylemom, I know of a mmcookies in “the ft.” and “breck” and estes-although I think that one is now called Grandma’s Cookies.

  3. Everyday Yogini Says:

    I agree with greenstylemom on location. In fact, I know of a great community you could live… with both her and I as neighbors. 🙂

  4. I understand all the reasons you want to move. Those are many of the same ones that we had for relocating to Utah.

    But it’s also really lovely that you are able to objectively look at all the positives are being right where you are. P sounds like she’s going to have a wonderful childhood no matter where she is. It’s like that old adage “home is where the heart is.” You just hope it has a great public school system!

  5. It sounds like your town is growing on you. At the very least, it sounds like a nice place to live even if it’s not your ultimate-forever-home. I feel the same way about where I live (which IS the town I grew up in). I’m hating on it right now because it’s winter and we’re stuck inside. But come spring, I’ll be going to the organic farm and this little orchard where Bear can run around and pet the tamest farm animals you ever saw.

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