Wiped Out

Here’s my day so far and it’s only noon:
Up and atem’ at 3am-yes you read that correct, 3am.
3:30-Arrived at the church to register Petunia for Pre, Pre-school-technically called “parent’s day out”. The good thing is once you are in you are in-no more early morning standing in line to register crap-whew! At least we have Preschool covered. Nice weight off my shoulders. I won’t have to think about schooling for a few years, but of course I will think about schooling because that’s what parents do-and it’s only 5-6 years until elementary school….
6 am-got on the list to register P
6:30am-home and showered
7:30am-back to the church to actually register…..we got in! Yippie!
8:30am-back home
9:00am-off to the dentist to re-do a cavity (that she totally messed up the first time) and I hope she got it right this time-getting a cavity filled once shame on me, getting a cavity filled twice shame on the dentist (or something like that 🙂
9:45am-back home
10:00am-fed P
10:30am-off to music class
12:00pm-Petunia is down for a nap and I am wiped out. Is it midnight?

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