For the sake of this blog and the stalkers out there, I have been calling my little girl Pear. I never really liked this little blogname for her, it was just the best I could come up with at the time. It was the first solid food she ate and she kinda looked like a little pear. But not so much any more, she’s less round now and taller. So I’ve been doing some thinking and I would like to change her blogname to Petunia. I have never been one to stick with something for the long haul anyway you can ask my husband, I constantly re-arrange things in our house and he can never find anything, hee hee.
Back to Petunia, it’s a name I have a couple of connections with albeit silly connections but connections none the less. While in college I worked in a foodestablishment and my manager at the time-a sweet, sweet gal-called me Petunia. I don’t know why. Second connection with Petunia, while in Mexico I rode this crazy white horse on a little tour and her name happened to be Petunia. So there’s the story and from here on out, my little P will be forever known in the blog-o-shpere as Petunia (at least until I change it again)

2 Responses to “Petunia”

  1. Everyday Yogini Says:

    I saw your comment about the elimination diet… I used one that I bought from my nutritional consultant. You can find her at That being said, I didn’t eliminate *everything* she recommended in order to save my sanity. You can email me if you want more info!! nona.jordan at g mail dot com

    Petunia is a cute name!!

  2. Love Petunia! That name has a lot of sass…

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