Listos Part Quattro

Weeks Highlight: P’s first snowshoe trip in the Colorado Rockies.

Weeks Countdown: #1 To at long last a relaxing weekend at home….
#2 Standing in line at 4am to get my kiddo into a great pre-school……oh the things I said I would never do (never say never) but am doing now because I love my kid and want the very best for her. 🙂

Weeks Best Discovery: Caribou Coffee-Dark French Roast-so YUM!

Weeks Best Photo: “I’m too sexy for my Sunglasses”

2 Responses to “Listos Part Quattro”

  1. Pear is changing so much, she’s starting to look like such a little girl! It’s just amazing how quickly they grow during their first year of life… Makes me kind of weepy.

  2. Everyday Yogini Says:

    Your trip sounds like so much fun! Some of the highlights of our first years with Clara were in those same mountains!! I love the bottle in the snow picture… you look so happy to be there with your girl.

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