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Safeway Makeover

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I’ve deliberated over the last several weeks about where to do my grocery shopping. I’m a one stop shop kind of person-I want to get all my food in one place. I can barely make it to one store so there’s no going here for lunch meat and here for bread and here for milk. Over the last month I pondered and experimented with various stores. My all time fav, is Whole Foods but it can get a little spend-y even when I’m trying to be careful and let’s face it money isn’t growing on trees around here. I really like Sunflower Market too but the one closest to me is small so it lacks selection. My next choice is Safeway but I get frustrated with their lack of organic food and the store has a lot left to be desired in terms of atmosphere. This is why Whole Foods does so well, in part due to the atmosphere, who wouldn’t want to shop there? It’s beautiful! The people behind the marketing are genius and make me want to buy everything.

Today as I am getting ready for company (my parents) which means we get a night out! And don’t have to pay a sitter! I decided I would pop over to Safeway to pick up a few items we needed for the weekend. Milk, TP, Kleenex (can’t kick this cold) puffs for Petunia to snack on, Cadbury mini eggs (delish!) etc. Which brings me to the topic of Easter; it’s only February and here I am already talking about Easter. It’s early this year just like the time change is also early, like in two (?) weeks early. We will be celebrating Easter in Europe and that means we probably won’t really celebrate. I find it hard to celebrate a holiday when away from home anyway but I am bummed that P won’t have her first Easter dress. I see them in the store front windows and they are to die for cute but there’s no point. I’m not going to haul it all over just so she can wear it once and to what a coffee shop in Paris, okay, that might be pretty cute actually. But no I won’t spend el dinero on one this year. It will give us something to look forward to next yr.

We’ve never been ones to attend church while traveling in a foreign country. Actually, it might be pretty cool experiencing a service inside an old cathedral we just haven’t done it. Honestly, I have a hard time remembering what day it is while traveling. This year we are traveling with my husband’s brother (I’ll call him N for simplicity) and family who are strict Lutherans. My guess is N won’t allow his family to miss church Sunday morn. I’m hoping I don’t have to follow his rules seeing as how I’m not his kid and all and also I don’t like to be told what to do. I love my church here in our town and we try to go as often as we can but it doesn’t thrill me to attend just any church to say we went to church today. I don’t think God works that way. I think He’s cool with missing a service once in a while even if once in a while is haven’t been since the 90’s. Believe me, He’s cool with that.

Isn’t it bad etiquette to talk about religion? Does that apply to blogs too?

Anyhoo….I digress

Back to the topic at hand, the neighborhood Safeway. I think I’ve mentioned this before but I live in what I would call a yuppie neighborhood only it’s yuppie on certain blocks and on others a little sketchy and the Safeway is NOT on one of the yuppie parts! Every other Safeway in this town has had a big makeover. They are gleaming with their stainless steel signs, wider aisles, brighter lights, fancy shelving and LOADS OF ORGANIC AND HEALTH FOOD CHOICES! As I pull into the parking lot, I notice there is a bit of construction and my makeover antenna goes up, could it be?? Our ghetto neighborhood Safeway is finally, finally getting its much needed remodel. It’s true; I saw the stunning transformation myself. I really hope with this change I can do all my shopping here and still buy healthy organic food. Only time will tell. But don’t worry Whole Foods executives; I don’t think I can kick my Whole Foods habit completely.


Dog school for the not so gifted and talented

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Cool, I figured something out most of you computer whizzes probably already knew. You can post to your blog from Microsoft word. Neat-o. Maybe now I can underline book titles. My punctuation will still be poor though. I guess Bill Gates can’t do everything for me! Let’s try it All the Pretty Horses and maybe even a cross out or two. Sweet!

A while back I mentioned we might have to give up our dog. This would truly break my heart, he was our baby before our human baby came along and I still love him dearly. It’s an unconditional love the love I have for my dog, it has to be or else he would have been booted a LONG time ago. Truth is, I can’t see Petunia growing up without him. My family always had a dog around and that’s what I want for P. She needs a dog to romp in the grass with, to play fetch with, and to completely soak her while playing in the river. A pal who will never talk behind her back and will stick by her as long as he lives and even eat those veggies she hates. You know, man’s best friend.

My dog is all that and the biggest challenge of my life. He is truly like having a second child; my mom even said once that kids will be easy compared to him. I usually have to do more regarding the dog before leaving the house then I do for the kid. I know it’s our fault for having a challenging beast. He was my first baby and such a cute pup that I couldn’t say no and now I am regretting allowing him to get away with just about everything. We also didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into when we got a Weimaraner. My husband picked the bread because they are beautiful dogs, bad move honey. They are beautiful no doubt about it but also: loyal and loving to his family (aka needs LOADS of attention), an incredible hunter (aka needs TONS of exercise and are bread to go go go ALL DAY LONG), a fearless guardian of his family and territory (aka super protective and barks at EVERYTHING!) and in spite of the folklore and myth surrounding the breed, the Weimaraner is not a wonder dog. Given the opportunity, he will still steal the pot roast off the dining room table when no one is looking!

The worst characteristic he has developed is growling at our child. This totally freaks me out and is a characteristic I will not tolerate. I would NEVER EVER want ANYTHING to happen to Petunia because we are not responsible pet owners or responsible parents. So instead of doing what would be easiest (in the long run) meaning giving him to the Weimaraner Rescue we have decided to invest in some training. I really really want Petunia to grow up with a dog, she adores him already and I know when she is a little older they will become inseparable.

We did training once, when he was a puppy and he knows basic commands it’s just he usually chooses to ignore those basic commands, especially when they come from me. He regards himself as the master in command, the king of our little castle. He sees Petunia as a threat to his territory and a little unpredictable. I am hoping with a little advanced training he will not only stop growling at Petunia but they will become best pals.


We have been advised to get our dog trained before; I guess other people have noticed his annoyances. He was actually kicked out of a doggie kennel but the one we have him in now just LOVES him and our vet LOVES him too so he can’t be all bad. I am concerned what the dog trainer will say about him and really about us and our lack of training. I’ve read a bit of (oh, again I can use the underline) Cesar’s Way and guess what dog is on the front cover, a Weimaraner. Cesar is the dude with the hit show Dog Whisperer. From what I’ve read we have done pretty much the opposite of his recommendations. He says “there are no problem breeds, just problem owners.” Yeah, that’s me.

So dog training for the not so gifted and talented, here we come. I’m excited to have a well behaved dog roaming my house that loves my kid and yet protects us from strangers.I will keep you posted on our progress.


bookworm meme

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I have always been a book worm. I would read two or three books a day when I was younger, granted they were usually 100 pages but still. Sweet Valley High was my favorite that and Nancy Drew. Those twins, both beautiful one smart one athletic and Nancy, well she was/is so wise for her age solving all those mysteries and managing to not be killed in the process.

I stopped reading for fun in college because, well, I was supposed to be reading my text books but I didn’t do that either. I picked up reading for fun once school was done and I haven’t stopped since. I wish I could say I read intellectual books about bettering myself or my country but that would just be a lie.

My husband does that sort of reading, Blink, The Tipping Point, Ayn Rand who wrote Atlas Shrugged. I have been known to pick up a few serious books here and there, I’ve read autobiographies by Lance Armstrong and Sydney Poitier, I’ve read books about parenting and babies, I’ve even read Cormack McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses and liked it, it’s just usually my picks are lighthearted and somewhat humorous. I feel that life can get so serious that I need an escape to an imaginary land where I forget about my life and delve into the lives of the characters.

So Melissa tagged me for a bookworm meme and luckily for me I am actually reading a book that’s a bit harder than Shopaholic has a Baby, yes, I read that book (in about two days) talk about lighthearted! Anyway currently I am reading The Friday Night Knitting Club. It’s Steel Magnolias set in Manhattan, and what woman didn’t like Steel Magnolias!

So the rules are: Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more (no cheating!)
Okay, we have established that I am reading The Friday Night Knitting Club

And Find page 123: Ok, there.

Find the first five sentences: Done.

Post the next three sentences: “A second of thinking, “Thank God I won’t have to get an HIV test.” Now she just felt dirty. Darwin had never wanted to be just a good girl, but she didn’t really want to be bad either.

OOOOO, juicy!

Tag five people: This is always the hard part for me; most of the blogs I have read have already done this. Just in case you haven’t had the pleasure of participating in this meme, fellow bloggers, consider yourself tagged (and of course no pressure). I would like to tag my friend Lulu Fabulous because I know she has some great obscure book on her night stand right now (she reads intellectual books for the both of us). My friend, ggsmama, another intellectual. Maybe my UK friend and blog twin Agnes Miller and how about Robyn, who is a lawyer and I know will have something interesting beside her bed, maybe a law manual of sorts? And I’m not sure if she looks at this blog or not but a new blogger, Becca. Okay that’s five. Can’t wait to see what ya’ll are reading.

name change

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We’ve decided to change our baby’s name. Luckily for us it’s only her nick name so no formal papers need to be processed-whew-filing papers in some downtown government office, yeah, that would take me at least 6 months before I managed to get it done. This nick name is what we call her 99% of the time, in fact, I seriously doubt she will use her full name much unless she is running for president or is the Secretary of state or a judge. 🙂

Another bonus in this name change game, we are only changing the spelling, not the actual name, the new spelling is closer to her actual name and just seems to make more sense. See it’s not as bad as it sounds and since she’s only 8 months (almost 9) we won’t even have to go around to schools and teachers and coaches and whoever else to notify them, nope the only thing we have to fix is her name on the wall. Easy peasy.

I do have a concern with this change though. I have heard through the blogging grapevine a certain celebrity might potentially if the stars align just right use a form of this same name and if they did we look like copy-catters. Just to clarify we have been pondering this for a while. Am I stressing over something that I shouldn’t, probably. Who cares what celebs name their kids, maybe they copied me. Ha, ever think of that? And I guess if people think we are copiers that’s okay too. Maybe Petunia will feel cool to have the same name as this other famous kid could potentially have. Maybe this celeb won’t name their baby this and all will be right with the world. Maybe I shouldn’t even stress about something so not worthy of stress, there, I’m done and her name is now spelled the new way and I like it.


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It’s been a long time since I’ve had a visit from some of my friends. Probably since Petunia was born. I miss them dearly but I made a commitment to really focus on my kid so the friends, they had to be put aside for now. I miss their antics and the fact that when I’m with them my problems seem much less, they simply float away while I focus for 23 minutes on the problems of my friends. Problems like: Do I date my best friend, do I move to London and leave my true love behind in NYC, I can’t get pregnant, should I be a surrogate for my brother, I was proposed to by a friend should I marry him even though I’m pretty sure I don’t love him but I just had a baby, should we adopt and last but never least we found the perfect house out in the burbs. but how can I not live next door to my pals anymore? These problems have seen my friends and I through some tough but ultimately great years, 10 to be exact.

By now you have probably figured out I am talking about my Friends, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Ross. How do people spend their Thursday nights without this show anymore? Back when you had to watch the show when it was actually on and I cleared my schedule on Thursday nights believe me, these nights were wide open from 6:50-10-couldn’t be late-no rewinding live TV existed in those days. Nothing was going to keep me away from my Friends.

With the installment of our TIVO this fall and the writers’ strike I have re-connected with my Friends and it’s oh, so sweet. They make me laugh and cry but mostly laugh. I’m totally like Monica (well maybe not quite as anal) but I love when she says, as she points to her dust buster that she just used to clean her regular vacuum: “Now I need a tiny vacuum to clean this vacuum.” A woman after my own heart, it’s just that these days my house is not close to as clean as Monica’s. And Joey’s “How you doin’?” and Chandler’s “ahem-you know” to a shark show or so Monica thinks. I really could go on forever.

Love this show and Friends, you are welcome in my house anytime.

2008 Academy Awards

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Husband to me: “We should get some food and have a little Oscar party.”

Me to Husband: “Who are you and what have you done with my husband?”

mat time

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words from a wise yoga instructor:
“we choose what we bring to the mat
and we choose what we leave behind”


Bump Watch 2008

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Apparently, the “in” things these days is not to be just pregnant but pregnant with twins as in the case of J.Lo-AngelenaJolie-JessicaAlba-MarciaCross and if it’s not twins, well you ain’t “in”. Some of these twin cases might just be rumors, what rumors in Hollywood? Are you sure? But I’m pretty sure in J.Lo’s case it’s true since she just pushed? out two babies (not really sure how the babies were delivered since she didn’t call me right after).

Even though these gals are rumored to be pregnant with one child, we’ll allow them “in” since they are celebs and all: KateHudson-Brittaneyagain?-JamieLynn(so sweet, sisters pregnant at the same time-hope you catch my sarcasm)-NicoleKidman-MinnieDriver-Matthew’sgirlfriendwhat’shername-JenniferGarner-EvaLongoia-Fergie-DemiMoore-ToriSpelling-sheesh! I think I could go on FOREVER.

Not only am I not expecting twins but I’m not even pregnant, so therefore I am very “out”! But soon I hope I can add a few friends in this bump watch category!

And speaking of twins, I want to wish my friend ggsmama over at Thing One, Thing Two, A Thing or Two a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! Ggsmama and I met this summer at our exercise class and became fast friends. I’m a bit introverted so it’s hard for me to make new friends but I’m so thankful she picked me out of the mommy pack. I think we will be in it for the long haul and hope our kids will become chums too, that’s if P will stop pulling G1’s hair! Check out her blog, I think you just might like her.

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The White Picket Fence

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A couple of posts ago I said something about moving to a smaller town. It’s true. I’ve gotta say it. I want to move to a smaller community. Not too much smaller though, I don’t want to go insane, I just don’t do well in a “small town”. I know the exact town I want to move to, its population is around 125,000 full of college kids and spunk. Bike trails and breweries (this is exciting because it’s the best brewery in the world), a great yoga studio, cute little downtown with fun boutiques and Mary’s Mountain Cookies (YUM!), perfect weather, close to mountains, good schools, community minded, we could live in a new home that doesn’t need work-this town has it all.

I want P to be able to ride her bike on our street, even around our neighborhood without the fear of losing her to a weirdo or speeding car (I know this could happen anywhere-even a small town) as I am dreaming about this particular town and wishing we could move something hit me:

We can’t move right now. Maybe in 5 years but right now my husband’s startup company needs him on daily even hourly basis, nothing gets accomplished unless he’s there and I don’t want him commuting, we’d never see him and that’s no fun.

Then I remembered my goals I wrote down while sitting at Starbucks 6 years ago with my hubby. We were setting our goals for the next 5 to 10 years, what we want to accomplish as a couple, as a family, financially, where we wanted to live etc.

Some of my most important goals were….. To stay at home with my kids (check), have one (+) kiddos (check), to live in a nice house (almost there-just thousands more in remodeling!), live in a great town (check) and be able to walk my kid to school (wouldn’t that be so nice?).

Now, at 8 months P is obviously not in school yet but I’ve already started to wonder where the heck we will send her. Enter the smaller town along with safety; I know their school system is great. Public school around here in not an option-too scary, bad test scores etc.

Then I found out the elementary school just two blocks from my house implemented an International Baccalaureate program a couple of years ago and while I will have to do a lot of research to make sure this could be the school for us it’s pretty exciting to know I just might be able to walk my kid to elementary school.

I, then, started thinking about my town, my house and basically my life here in this place I call home. Since I know we can’t move for a while, I began thinking of all the things I love about this town. You know -if-you-can’t-have-what-you-want-make-the-best-of-what-you-have-type-of-thinking. It’s not hard to “make the best” of what we have here, actually if I think about it our town is pretty great and I would totally miss it if we moved.

If we left Petunia wouldn’t have the chance to be towed up Lookout Mountain behind her daddy’s road bike. She wouldn’t eat Liks ice cream on a hot summer day, or play at the play ground in Wash Park, or ride her bike on the Platte River bike path, or walk up to Heidi’s for lunch, or play with her friends G&G, or take her pooch to The Railyard Dogs Dog Park, or browse the Tattered Cover Book Store for the perfect book and that would be sad. I want her to experience all that I love about this town, even our 100 year old falling apart house. So for now, I will put the dream of a smaller town behind me and make this place we call home the very best home I possibly can, Petunia deserves that.


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Definition of Like:
1 chiefly dialect : to be suitable or agreeable to
2 a: to feel attraction toward or take pleasure in : enjoy
b: to feel toward : regard
3: to wish to have : want
4: to do well in

We all know and use the word “like” very often.

“I like peanut butter.”

I, however; am in the very bad habit of using it in it’s slang, I guess is the best way to put it. Like is a meaningless word used in teen-age American speech (and in my case grown woman speech) which may indicate, among other things a gap in thinking or brain functioning; a contemporary equivalent of “uh” or “um”.

“I like use baby detergent for Petunia and then like use regular detergent for our clothes.”

Maybe that’s my problem, a gap in thinking…..old age….new mommy….whatever it is I have vowed to use this word properly FROM NOW ON! Except I noticed as I am talking to a friend 4 “likes” tumble out of my mouth before my brain kicks in! URGGGG! This is a harder habit to kick than I thought.